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Re: RPG Tiles - Chip16

Reply #30 on: December 01, 2011, 12:01:20 am
Looking great, keep polishing  ;D

The light/dark transition on the cliff edges is still very abrupt and the grass there should cast some shadow to make the plane change absolutely clear.

I personally work better starting with a loose mockup and then trying to slim down the best ideas into a tileset. Starting from the tileset can sometimes have you ending up with a bit of a stilted, conservative end-product. Please do have a crack at some ludicrous, ambitious building designs; I'd very much like to see them.

Seisenki - I did get a bit carried away with my paint-over, but they're just rough suggestions for new directions you could take the piece; naturally very much inclined to my own tastes/whims. The stated intention of the tileset was to show off the palette, not to adhere to a particular style. Unfortunately the sprites do look quite out of place now :P maybe breaking some of those outlines would ease the clash.
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