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Tony Redmer

Twitter: @tonyredmer

Hello there! I'm a freelance pixel artist with 10 years of client-based experience. I specialize in backgrounds and tiles, but am capable of whatever work you through at me. You can view more of my work at my website, as listed above. 

Pixel Joint gallery

Tony recently did the sprite work for our next mobile title. It was a pleasure working with him.
He did everything as agreed, on time and at the agreed rate.
Tony was able to create sprites that match the theme of the title quickly and creatively. I recommend that you talk with him about your next project.

Lachie Dazdarian:
Really digging your style.

Hey everyone!

I just wrapped up my work on my current projects and am completely open to take commissions! I'm looking forward to finding my next project =)

Hey Tony. You work is awesome!

I've just emailed you, I think you'd be great for our project! Would love to work with you.


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