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(Game) Jail Em!

on: October 09, 2011, 03:18:36 am
Hub link:

Description: An action game based on the classic, "Cops & Robbers". The difference is... If you choose to be a criminal, then you start in jail, and must escape using creative tools. Ability to knock over objects to block doors/pathways to distract officers. Once you leave the Jailhouse, you're a free man and your team gets a point. If you get caught, you will have to sit in your cell until the round ends, while the officers score a point. If you choose to be an officer, your gameplay is much different. You'll have to use: Taser, Baton, & Handcuffs to send the escaped criminals back to their cell.

Made by: Lige (programmer) and Branks (pixel artist)

Requirements: Download and install BYOND v493 or higher (link:

Using and their latest feature (pixel movement), Lige and Branks have created this 2D multiplayer. The server is up 24/7, unless it's taken down for an update. I have made several updates and changes to the game since it was first under development. What I'm seeking from this post is feedback from people outside of BYOND's community. If there's anything in specific you'd like to talk about or ask me, feel free to contact me.

Contact Information: (msn/email)

Here's a screenshot of the game so far:

(As you can see, the score is located in the top-left - whereas the Cop specific items are located on the lower-right with the corresponding keys located above each item.)