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Monster Character

on: September 01, 2011, 04:51:46 pm
Hi guys this is my first time posting on this forum! Gotta say you guys are a great inspiration, and i really love all the work i've been looking at over the past few days.

My reason coming on here was actually for help, I have been modeling for some time, but I would say im alot better at digital animation. I wanted some tips on how to improve the poly flow, poly distribution and the uvmap layout. What you would suggest to change on my model etc... (be as harsh as you like... the more criticism i get the better!)

I'm gonna be honest and say my pixel art skill is very beginner.. and by beginner i mean im just starting! But my plan is to make a super low poly model and a high poly model on zbrush. Anyway, Id like to paint the texture on 256x256.. (would you suggest this size to start or 128?)

Right here is my quick concept art.

And the Model from Maya

The UVmap (obviously subject to change, if you think the model needs sorting out!)

I haven't posted on a forum in a long long time, so correct me on anything :)

Cheers guys