AuthorTopic: [WIP] The Meek and Forgettable Pixie  (Read 1834 times)

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[WIP] The Meek and Forgettable Pixie

on: August 08, 2011, 05:39:12 pm

It's WIP, but there's not much left to do besides tweaking the little things by now.  If I have time, I'll paint over the dithered bits with gradients instead and see which I like better (I'm a sucker for dithering).  I've anti-aliased the outside edge so I'll need to add some sort of background for it to look good on dark backgrounds.  And again, time permitting, I might add some sort of text, either a title with the ponies names on it, or a couple (hopefully) humorous lines, comic style.

This is for a contest on a My Little Pony forum, and is the largest project I've ever worked on by far.  As far as any advice goes, I have to submit this by midnight tonight, so anything not received very soon wont make the deadline, but I'd still like to hear thoughts.

The biggest question-mark for me here is the lighting on the big pony's tail, and on the small pony's tail and mane (I have sharp shadows casting on them, but the more I think about it, they should probably be more diffuse).  Also, I can't quite make the the left leg (our left) on the small pony not look detached.  Maybe the anatomy is off...

Edit:  Oh, standard disclaimer about the (larger) pony's design not being mine.  She was deigned by Take Two Studios, although this composition is all mine.
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