AuthorTopic: Ugly Faced Mother of a Zombie  (Read 8965 times)

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Re: Ugly Faced Mother of a Zombie

Reply #10 on: August 22, 2005, 07:42:10 pm
First of the hair. Awesome work! That really should set the standard for details for the rest of the image, you already got it going on in most places.

I'm feelin' there should be some eyebrow texturing. Not sure if there should be an actual small eyebrow line or just texturing like there is something there or with the eyelid so it gets the same feeling as the rest of the image :)

I think the legs seem a bit to similar. I mean they are normally but you rarely stand in a perspective where you see both feet pointing the same direction. The leg closer to us could probably be turned a bit more toward us so she looks more balanced. The 'whitespot' on the knee could be facing more toward us and the shoe also, you get my picture ;)

Freakin' kewl, would love to see this creature animated sometime in the future ;D