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Landscaping layers

on: May 16, 2011, 07:21:09 pm
Hi iam new. I have been using creating a game for while and i have finally decided to register on the forums. I have been working on a small game with a unique idea. Its going to be a small settlers clone played completly in 2d(it's called Moor). I know what most people think settlers is 2d. Well it is.

Uploaded with

Uploaded with
My idea: all the mourn,(player controlled people) will be viewable from the main screen,
 fisherman will fish in the fore screen,
woodcutters will walk to a background layer and start chopping down trees,
miners will walk into the distant mountain layer and mine away.
The arrow keys will flip between the layers, simliar to a book. So you can see in detail what those distant miners are doing in the mountains behind those trees. I have only been messing so far, mainly with just the mourns, hunger, thirst.ect.
 I was looking around the internet for advice and tips into pixel art lanscapes, i have no experiance in pixel art and now i have come to the point where i am going to have learn if i like it or not. So does any one have any tips or examples of low res landscapes or can anyone point me in the right direction(not the door,hopefully).