AuthorTopic: Lowpoly Charon  (Read 11892 times)

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Re: Lowpoly Charon

Reply #10 on: June 28, 2012, 10:31:04 am
Ah. Progress! 2nd Level looks very Styxxy!

if time is running out then i would not worry too much about the ground and water texture of it. It does a fine job of conveying the message.
The green glowth saves the day here.

I understand the hassle of reimporting characters. Maybe you can change their pivot so that the tail goes straight upward:

I guess you would have to update the texture but because its head is then on another place the hint of forward motion acosiated with S-cells is gone. And then it just looks more like a flame. But i suspect you already considered it. Also: i think you can change a model's hue by code.

Ill shut up about it now :) Its not really about pixelart anymore.
Carry on! Good stuff!
I want to play this game one day? ok?