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My Introduction

on: March 17, 2011, 09:48:46 pm
My name is Kelsey and I've been greatly interested in making video games for the last twelve or so years, right about the time of 7th Grade in school(I started playing Ultima Online: Renaissance and that really got me into that type of game).  I've been designing a roleplaying game or series of roleplaying games for the first ten years of that time.  I never practiced much at pixel art except for the little bits of things for test projects with the Visual Basic programming language.  Two years ago I started learning the Java programming language because working with "forms" and the basic things I knew about Visual Basic wasn't working for me, and have been practicing Java ever since.  I applied what I learned and started programming a massively multiplayer roleplaying game, it had its rough spots and its not nearly done but I worked on it for a year or more as much as I could to experiment and practice with Java.  During the time of the MMORPG practice I was also working off and on with a standard offline roleplaying game that mimicked SNES games.  Spending all of that time programming I never found the time to get into developing my pixel art skills.   I don't really know where to start.  I sit down and start messing around with pixels... I can't find decent colors, I don't really have any idea of the shapes things need to take in the image...I'm just sort of at a standstill with my lacking pixel art skills and other skills im sure.  I'd like to divide my programming practice time into pixel art practice so I can make pixel art for myself and be more diversified in skills.  Pixel art I see has always inspired me to do the best I can in what I'm doing but not knowing how to start off in pixel art and not producing anything of decent quality is a little uninspiring at the same time.  I've done a few tutorials I've found off the internet and the results were decent when copying the tutorial, but when I try do to something on my own ... it doesn't turn out.  Is this how everyone starts out with pixel art?
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