AuthorTopic: Going about generating art for an old school (AGI-Style) adventure game.  (Read 1831 times)

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Hello, my name is Keith.  I posted recently in the pixel art forum about a character I was making for my agi-style adventure game.  Helm did a paint-over and said at one point "2. More contrast with the colors you have, I added black shadow below the neck for example. Right now your version is too high-value. It would work against certain dark backgrounds, but if you put it on top of a light one (think Space Quest in an 'Ice World' scenario) he'd be lost. You have to take these things into account for an AGI-type situation." --

So that got me to thinking whether or not I wanted to work on model sheets for the character(s) before I had backgrounds to put them in.  If the sprites don't read well on certain types (too light or too dark) I will have to redo them.  So I wanted to ask your advice as to whether I should think about all of that stuff first.  Also perhaps equally important is your character sizes within the backgrounds.  So what about for that... do I work out some sprite sizes before I do a background or after?  How would you approach this.  -- Sprite sizes vs backgrounds vs sprite colors etc...

Any suggestions would be appreciated.