AuthorTopic: what is your favorite pixel art program for any operating system.  (Read 12012 times)

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i use pixen any other good programs for a mac?

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You're pretty much limited to Graphx2 and Allegro Sprite Editor on Mac for pixel editors, although I'm sure there are a few more obscure editors floating out there. It's been a couple of years since I checked.

Honestly, I think Vmware or Parallels are the best pixel editing programs on Mac.

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GrafX2 all the way  :D

In fact, I first found the program, then started using it, and THEN I got interested in pixel art. You know, I like reading magazines starting at the last page  :crazy:

Only recently (months) did I find out that there was a BRAND NEW!!! (at least for me :lol:) windows version.

I was still using the discontinued MS-DOS version. It's lovely, but having it around in a window instead of weird resolution full screen rly halpz.

Hey, what the fuck, this emoticon set is one smoking emoticon short of complete awesome.