AuthorTopic: Explosions and other SFX in Game Boy games  (Read 2185 times)

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Explosions and other SFX in Game Boy games

on: January 22, 2011, 01:10:25 am
Bois, I'm currently planning a new personal project: a game restricted to Game Boy specifications. Something along the lines of Contra, but with an even more ludicrous story-line - think the Expendables meets Modern Warfare 2. Anyway, such a game would simply not feel right without things constantly exploding around you, right?

I could use some good examples of explosions and other effects which could come in handy when making such a game, since my spriting skills are not all that fantastic and I'd be restricted to a 4-colour palette with a limited amount of sprites (well, not really). No, I'm not going to 1-on-1 copy stuff, I always make my own content. Just need a shove in the right direction. Thanks.
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Re: Explosions and other SFX in Game Boy games

Reply #1 on: January 22, 2011, 02:17:16 am
EDIT:I know these won't suit a GB game, but I'm just giving out examples here.
 I'll give you two games that have incredible explosions and gameplay.
Alien Soldier(Genesis/Megadrive, 1995, Treasure)
This game is super hardcore. It's like if you stuff Gunstar Heroes, Contra, huge bosses, and aliens all into one game
this is the result. Their explosions are made with a big circle and shrink until a certain size(think of a balloon losing air), which is oldschool if your looking for that.
I can only demonstrate a video since no one likes to rip sprites from this game >:( :

Metal Slug series(Arcade, SNK)
SNK is pretty top notch in their animations in their games. The explosions in their games are really exaggerated, but you know that's how SNK is.
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