AuthorTopic: Vindicator - Space Parallax scrolling game  (Read 2063 times)

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Vindicator - Space Parallax scrolling game

on: December 31, 2010, 03:39:39 pm
Hello! I've had a little game project that uses mostly pixel art as its graphics so I decided to post it here.

In game you control ship named Vindicator. The goal is to gain as much scores as possible. Scores are gained by killing enemies using different weapons. Game starts at level 1 and it rises when you go futher. There are six different power ups which make your ship better or collect more special weapons for later use. Explosions are generated in Blender 3D and rendered to 2D animation. Use arrow keys to move. Other keys and objectives you will find in help section in main menu. Comments and criticue would be nice too :)

Link to download: