AuthorTopic: Pixel artist looking for work (Paid but negotiable)  (Read 7829 times)

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Pixel artist looking for work (Paid but negotiable)

on: December 15, 2010, 01:42:33 pm
Name:     Matwek
Expected Compensation: Paid but negotiable, anything from minor work right up to full tile sets (Paypal)
Contact Information:

Sonic Gemini (Level Artist)
Following concept sketches and direction from project leader I created the level art for a one level demo of a Sonic fangame. Whilst the demo itself was incomplete and buggy the art was 100% complete (sprites and background weren’t created by me).
Sonic the Hedgehog style tilesets and objects

Mario style tilesets and objects

Screenshots of RPG tilesets in game

(Trees not mine in last example)
Forum Icons

Backgrounds for beat ‘em up


(Pulse Man sprite in the last screenshot isn’t mine)

Whilst the majority of my portfolio is heavily based on Mega Drive/Genesis era Sonic games I am capable of producing different styles if requested. I will also often do sample pieces for potential clients.
I have worked as part of a full-time team as well as on a freelance basis. I am very professional and have a selection of clients that use me on a regular basis that would be able to provide references’ if needed.