AuthorTopic: [C+C] Biokid : your pixel-sized top-tech antivirus  (Read 15816 times)

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Re: [C+C] Character for a shoot-m-up

Reply #20 on: December 15, 2008, 09:23:41 pm
hmm ... i see. I intended to mimmic metal shading, but apparently i couldn't get it right ... maybe i'm missing intermediate shades to feel more comfortable ...
It's not the shades, it's the seemingly random placement. The armor looks like it's pitted or made of rippling water.

Edit: I think the huge boots and forearms thing is practically a trademark of the Megaman franchise. Not that you shouldn't use it, but try deviating from it and see what you get.
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Re: [C+C] Biokid : your pixel-sized top-tech antivirus

Reply #21 on: November 08, 2010, 10:20:07 am
First, thanks to those of you who helped in '08, and my apologise to those who provided valid comment which I couldn't address (I had to re-focus to be somewhat productive).

For some reason, Biokid is now popping back in the front of my activities. I updated its design to depart further from Megaman typical attributes, refined opponents as well, and finally gave a try at pixel art yesterday.
2010 --refined-design--> --re-pixelation-->

The dude is way smaller than the latest pixels of '08, mostly because a jump-and-gun game is more likely to revive than a shoot-em-up. I've also included a "run cycle" template that should be compatible in size that I plan to use as a basis for animating the little dude.

I'm eager to read your comments.
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