AuthorTopic: [WIP] Fruity RPG Tree  (Read 4139 times)

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[WIP] Fruity RPG Tree

on: September 16, 2010, 08:40:26 am

Just some tree I am working on.

Intentionally a tiled one based on the GraalOnline Tree formerly known as Zelda Online, a modified one...
this one's a bigger version and obviously different...

So basicly, it's for an RPG project.

Little open about critique, but not open for very big changes :p
Sidenote as always, it doesn't support layers.

Still in the WIP Stage.
Open for business

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Re: [WIP] Fruity RPG Tree

Reply #1 on: September 16, 2010, 12:31:36 pm
Well that's different alright. No layering but it has alpha transparency?

Those leaves sure are bright. Little concerning. Love the LTTP style-injected with realism, though. I'm eager to see this tree at home in a mockup surrounded by more of the tileset in order to know if it really works.

The trunk is a bit of a mess. I'd liked to see it's detail simplified some. The middle part is especially strange, looking like intestines or something.

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Re: [WIP] Fruity RPG Tree

Reply #2 on: September 16, 2010, 12:52:50 pm
Alright, first of all, the end result is very very pleasing to the eye. The volumes and light are fun to look at and explore. However on zoom the pixel clusters don't hold up to inspection. Clusters clusters clusters, I tend to sound like a broken record but since you've drawn the 95% of the thing, the finish will make a lot of difference not only for the pixel artist looking at it, but for the layman subconsciously. Pixel shapes long to work together with each other in some relative harmony. Zoom in on your art and consider the 'brush strokes' more. They're serviceable as they are otherwise the object would have fallen apart (quite the opposite, the object as we see is holding together well) but they could be better. You can squeeze out more definition and information out of these pixels if you so desire. Or you could scale back and have them be more abstract, but don't just lay pixels down on the canvas and consider it done.

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Re: [WIP] Fruity RPG Tree

Reply #3 on: September 27, 2010, 07:33:39 am
The more I stare at it the more I like it. I never liked the LttP tree style but this one is quite interesting. It looks a bit like a Venusaur on top.

It's a very creepy sort of tree, though. I see three different faces in the trunk of the tree. I assume it's intentional, but I'll describe anyway. It looks like turtles on either end, and the eyes of the turtles create a sort of octopus face with the center root of the tree. It's a very cool effect. I really like it.

If I were to suggest a change, it would be to darken the leave palette a bit. Right now the shade makes the tree look a bit sickly. The color choice reminds me of the color of sprouts off of a potato when they've been kept in the dark. Though, it does help amplify the creepy effect of the tree.

Second suggestion - the middle root of the trunk is bugging me slightly, because I feel like the twisting roots in the center should have a darker outline between them. It looks strange currently.