AuthorTopic: Something like an adventure game sprite template  (Read 11218 times)

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Re: Something like an adventure game sprite template

Reply #20 on: September 07, 2010, 08:31:31 am
Yeah, I know it's not a "logo-logo" for mass brand kick-assery, I meant more along the lines of the title screen logoface like you said.

I did a few designs on paper, but the problem I have with Roger Dean style stuff in general is the readability of some of his logos.

You can't do a simple print with that.

(When I think official brand logos though I imagine if it'll work as a faxed letterhead or even a business card. Not that it'd be on any, but it should be readable at that size.)
For in-game menus and stuff I want it to have the color, texture and shape of a Roger Dean title illustration, but I might not even do that for an official logo.

But I think that's a good idea, to start outside of the pixel medium and work backwards. The BIG problem is the title is long as hell and hard to get readable and within a certain space.

Also, the illustration I was shamelessly borrowing from is:

And by "borrow" I mean practically copying. :<