AuthorTopic: ideal female anatomy/proportions  (Read 21951 times)

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ideal female anatomy/proportions

on: July 09, 2010, 09:33:36 pm
Something that annoys me is whenever I look for female anatomy charts there is something about them that hits me as wrong.  The torso is usually too long, and the legs are usually too short.  The 50/50 leg to torso ratio works well for males, but not so well for females.

From one website I read about high heals shoes, it said that men find leg to torso ratios of 1.4:1 to be the most attractive, and I have to agree with that.  I also find 2/3 a good naval to height ratio, but I'm just guessing at that one because it looks right.

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Re: ideal female anatomy/proportions

Reply #1 on: July 09, 2010, 11:28:06 pm
You made me curious so I looked up a couple charts, which ones have you been using?
I overlaid the charts over some people I found. The first one is a model, I'm not sure how accurate but she was supposed to have perfect proportions for a model. She seems more like what you are describing as her upper half is shorter than her lower half. She is almost exactly 8 heads tall.

These 2 are just regular girls.

The 2 regular girls seem to fit into older drawings that are classed as ideal. The 3rd drawing is newer and is still classed ideal and is 8 heads where as the others are 7 and a half I believe. I'm not sure who the original artists are for any of the images. Also only the middle image has the same length of upper and lower body.