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General Old Guy Man

on: July 01, 2010, 10:49:18 am

something i was working on

technically it's WIP i guess but i probably won't be fixing anything on it

id love to hear some crits though

and some comments, if you'd like ::)

edit: heres something else while im at it

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Re: General Old Guy Man

Reply #1 on: July 01, 2010, 08:42:00 pm
Hello! I'll be less of a douche from now on!

I dig this. It fits well with the pixel aesthetic, making things look quite delicious without resorting to any AA, something that I would never (probably) be able to pull off (my AA:ing is compulsive)

With that said I feel that his nose area is a tad bit overcomplicated compared to the delicious geometrical beard, maybe you could simplify it somehow? Oh wait, I see AA on his chin. It doesn't really fit in, I think a clean black line and a band of shading (a broad one) would look pretty neato.

It also irks me how the whole guy is rendered straight top-down except for his shoulders. Easy fix!

Gotta give compliments to the choice of bright teal for his white shading, it looks totally pop fresh and it right along the lines of stuff I like!

O: It's hard giving crits to this that's not complete nitpicking cause I think it's already quite good. There's a good abstraction of a human face there, and it's got a solid rendering. I think that's the reason as to why you haven't got a lot of comments already, it's not spectacular but it's good. Such things tend to get short or no replies!

Oh, and another thing, if I am to give a single suggestion, it might be to add brighter colors in the outline to some parts. But that's just cause that's how I usually do it! : D

General man could use a highlight on his head, maybe! Like a single specular highlight in the middle.
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