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Re: 8-Bit game sprites and tiles

Reply #10 on: September 16, 2010, 08:53:23 pm
New HUD:

HP/MP, Skills/Itens (still thinking about that), Exp (will not level up, used to get skills), Gold


I just noticed i left some things unanswered, sry for that

Quote from: Paul whoknows
Your tiles looks very nice, what program did you use to create them?
I'm using Photoshop

Quote from: eobet
However, the vines in the background are only shaded at the very top, and if you don't focus your vision in that location, you may be fooled into thinking that it's in the foreground (until you see the foreground vine).
You're talking about the vine that goes vertically or the one that goes horizontally with spikes on top? The first one is in the background, and the second one on the foreground

Quote from: Randommonkies
I actually really like how this is looking, maybe do a 50% overlay of Eyecrafts colours on top of your own?
I wish i could, but the palette is too limited
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