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[1] [Unpaid] Project 16x16 looking for pixel artists

[2] [GAME JAM] GMTK2019 looking for pixel artist to join our team!

[3] (Unpaid) Im looking for a pixel artist and a coder to help me on my project

[4] [Unpaid] dinosaur rpg(looking for programmer and music)

[5] [Unpaid] dinosaur RPG game: need programmer and music speacalist.

[6] (UNPAID) I'm Looking for a Sprite Animator

[7] Universe 21(Pixel Artist Needed)

[8] [Kickstarter/Indiegogo-financed videogame] 50/50 money split after it comes in!

[9] Looking For Spriters For a Rayman 1-Styled 2D game [unpaid due to debt]


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