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Fox - Render fur or keep it simple?Pixel ArtQ.K.2837192
Help with Non Metallic ShadingPixel ArtRosier4026063
GR#228 - Alcopops Pixel Sketch Thread - Sprite ProcessPixel Art Feature ChestAlcopopStar3012758
GR#209 - Larks Sprites - Form, ShadingPixel Art Feature ChestLarkoftheRiver3513888
GR#198 - Stone Golem - Form, ShadingPixel Art Feature ChestSzyu75060
GR#187 - Megaman Sprite - Shading, SaturationPixel Art Feature ChestJhentoaduo205923
GR#167 - Creature From Hell - ShadingPixel Art Feature ChestZizka205509
GR#168 - Realistic CharmanderPixel Art Feature ChestTijjer103862
GR#189 - Monster Girl - Anatomy, ShadingPixel Art Feature ChestJesia2810485
GR#150 - Undead Monster - ShadingPixel Art Feature ChestDaimoth42792
GR#143 - Blacksmith - Sprite ProcessPixel Art Feature ChestJohasu4510486
GR#142 - Kill la Kill Ryuko - Sprite ProcessPixel Art Feature ChestAlcopopStar2214206
GR#139 - Dragon - Sprite ProcessPixel Art Feature ChestA2J2TIWARI156849
GR#135 - Help with Shading a Character - ShadingPixel Art Feature Chestzealcore22286
GR#130 - Help with Sprites - Clusters, FocusPixel Art Feature ChestSatsume94459
GR#125 - Shiny Red Creature - Sprite ProcessPixel Art Feature ChestCharlieton25978
GR#099 - Stone Monster - TexturePixel Art Feature Chestxeokk178489
GR#080 - RPG TilesPixel Art Feature Chestfortunato148958
GR#089 - Platformer TilesPixel Art Feature Chesttehwexxl0rz7730431
GR#075 - Warrior - AnatomyPixel Art Feature ChestStickgag125366
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