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Re: Need help with making a doorway lightPixel ArtRetronator1261913
Fox - Render fur or keep it simple?Pixel ArtQ.K.28106761
Help with Non Metallic ShadingPixel ArtRosier4087038
GR#233 - Ice - ShadingPixel Art Feature ChestDyluckk48299
GR#215 - Snow Level - Game ArtPixel Art Feature ChestLucas Kich1917149
GR#228 - Alcopops Pixel Sketch Thread - Sprite ProcessPixel Art Feature ChestAlcopopStar3027352
GR#210 - Tree - ShadingPixel Art Feature ChestBetaMan1236806
GR#205 - Tree Practice - ShadingPixel Art Feature ChestEvilEye79181
GR#209 - Larks Sprites - Form, ShadingPixel Art Feature ChestLarkoftheRiver3529123
GR#198 - Stone Golem - Form, ShadingPixel Art Feature ChestSzyu710418
GR#200 - Factory - Background LightingPixel Art Feature Chestlooaks1819330
GR#197 - Golden Knight - Shading, AnimationPixel Art Feature Chestjahasaja1716384
GR#194 - Helmet - ShadingPixel Art Feature Chestodedrt91610992
GR#220 - John Mueller's Oink - Sprite ProcessPixel Art Feature ChestHarveyDentMustDie2523966
GR#187 - Megaman Sprite - Shading, SaturationPixel Art Feature ChestJhentoaduo2012247
GR#185 - Minimalistic Orcs - ShadingPixel Art Feature ChestKashlavor76228
GR#184 - Dungeon Tiles - RPG viewPixel Art Feature Chestcels1912059
GR#167 - Creature From Hell - ShadingPixel Art Feature ChestZizka2012333
GR#168 - Realistic CharmanderPixel Art Feature ChestTijjer108449
GR#189 - Monster Girl - Anatomy, ShadingPixel Art Feature ChestJesia2819452
GR#166 - INFilstrUcTURE - Gameboy RPG-view GameartPixel Art Feature Chestalex pang1410080
GR#162 - Lithone 2005Pixel Art Feature Chestcels2311974
GR#150 - Undead Monster - ShadingPixel Art Feature ChestDaimoth45458
GR#164 - Room Interior - RPG-view Gameart shadingPixel Art Feature ChestLucas Kich1812372
GR#145 - Little Knight Scene - ShadingPixel Art Feature ChestStava810530
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