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Re: Need help with making a doorway lightPixel ArtRetronator1266020
Game Environment Composition Techniques!General Discussionastraldata2017336
Help with Non Metallic ShadingPixel ArtRosier4089306
GR#233 - Ice - ShadingPixel Art Feature ChestDyluckk48924
GR#232 - Desert Magician - PosturePixel Art Feature Chestlachrymose1115283
GR#231 - Reclining Nude - AnatomyPixel Art Feature ChestGizmonicgamer58951
GR#229 - Robot - AAPixel Art Feature Chestramenradian48846
GR#225 - Futuristic Rifle - Sprite ProcessPixel Art Feature Chestpyxelbit47829
GR#227 - Light Cavalry - Anatomy, Sprite Process ThreadPixel Art Feature ChestCyangmou3937755
GR#219 - Steamfantry - Sprite ProcessPixel Art Feature ChestCyangmou3533730
GR#218 - Pixel Face - ColorsPixel Art Feature Chesteffete-denizen1116784
GR#215 - Snow Level - Game ArtPixel Art Feature ChestLucas Kich1918574
GR#212 - Sturmkrähe - AnatomyPixel Art Feature ChestCyangmou1920528
GR#228 - Alcopops Pixel Sketch Thread - Sprite ProcessPixel Art Feature ChestAlcopopStar3029322
GR#216 - Wheat Field - Scenery, GameartPixel Art Feature Chestjahasaja1823251
GR#210 - Tree - ShadingPixel Art Feature ChestBetaMan1237392
GR#214 - Chicken & ScenePixel Art Feature Chest5T1N9R4Y2323693
GR#223 - Improving my Spooky Ghost - Scenery Process & AnimationPixel Art Feature ChestLakelezz6644207
GR#208 - Octopus Girl - AnatomyPixel Art Feature Chestlachrymose1417884
GR#207 - Houses - Perspective & ProjectionPixel Art Feature ChestSidereal1919183
GR#202 - Circular Staircase in Sidescroller - Projection, GameartPixel Art Feature ChestRyumaru912082
GR#205 - Tree Practice - ShadingPixel Art Feature ChestEvilEye79808
GR#206 - Sideview Houses - GameartPixel Art Feature Chestjahasaja1718468
GR#230 - Devotion - GameartPixel Art Feature ChestSengi2428394
GR#209 - Larks Sprites - Form, ShadingPixel Art Feature ChestLarkoftheRiver3531137
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