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Pixel Art / Re: A first go at a character: animated spaceman.
« Last post by daramon on June 03, 2019, 02:10:50 pm »
That's disappointing, Dropbox used to be great for that and the preview seemed to be working fine for me.  I even made sure I wasn't logged in.

OK, I've updated using Imgur. Are they visible now? :)
Unpaid Work / Re: Looking for Pixel Artists for a 2D Pixel Horror Game (UNPAID)
« Last post by CupOhJoe on June 03, 2019, 01:50:03 pm »
Hi PakeyShakes, 

If you're looking for Unpaid opportunities you might have better luck in the "Unpaid Work" section for job postings.

Good luck on your search for an artist! 
Pixel Art / Re: A first go at a character: animated spaceman.
« Last post by eishiya on June 03, 2019, 01:45:49 pm »
Your images aren't working. You may want to use a service designed for hotlinking images, such as Imgur, instead of Dropbox.
Pixel Art / Re: Grass tileset help
« Last post by daramon on June 03, 2019, 12:41:12 pm »
As an aside I found that giving the shadows an angle, but making that angle different to the angle of the grass, helped "lift" the leaves from the surface.
Pixel Art / Re: Grass tileset help
« Last post by daramon on June 03, 2019, 12:38:03 pm »
Here's a first go (5 min job) at some shadows. Assuming the light source is top left:

I've put longer shadows to the right of the leaves to help give the light source a position. I also added a highlight green which I placed on the top left of leaves.

I would be tempted to avoid big expanses of the same color, it looks plain. I experimented with some two-pixel blades of grass that can be placed around the place to add texture.

I still think the palette needs more more dynamic range, it still looks a bit washed out and hard to see.
Pixel Art / Re: Grass tileset help
« Last post by daramon on June 03, 2019, 11:03:52 am »
I like the shapes of your grass leaves!

I'm pretty new to this myself, but I'd say you probably want to increase the dynamic range of the palette. Get some brighter greens in there, and some darker greens. Same for the stone.

With some darker greens you can start to place shadows under the leaves. This will make them pop out and look more 3D. With a brighter green you can add some points of highlight to emphasize the angle of the light source and give the leaves more substance.

I have a couple of questions:

 - What angle are we looking at this from? Directly above? At a 45 degree angle to the ground in the traditional RPG style?

 - Where's the light coming from?

Also, do you want to talk about the stone tile?
Hi, my name is Artyem, i am indie-game developer. At the moment i am working on adventure-rpg game in pixel style for PC, Nintendo switch, and mobile devices, the game called "Nature invader", survival game based on procedural terrain generation. Besides it has a variation on different biomes and regions.Now, i am looking for a creative pixel artist to draw graphics for my game.
In total there are :

- 12 tilesets (16x16 each)
- 23 tiles (16x16 almost each)
- 75 icons (16x16 each)
- character + 4 animations (4 frames; 16x16)
- bear + 4 animations (4 frames; 24x16)
- hare +3 animations (4 frames; 16x16)
- 2 particles (4 frames; 16x16)

The budget is 510$. Looking forward to discuss all information about payment and dates with you, just don`t forget to attach your portfolio reference, in order, it will help me to analize your reply quicker. I will attach the prototype, whick will perfectly suit for the style of the game. P.S. my native language is not english, sorry for possible mistakes. Regards, Artyem    8)
Pixel Art / A first go at a character: animated spaceman.
« Last post by daramon on June 03, 2019, 09:53:18 am »
So I'm very new to pixel art. I've looked at a course or two on Udemy and I've been fiddling around with background tiles for a while (the usual: grass, rocks, that kind of thing).

I felt like I was making some headway, so thought I'd have a go at some character animation.

This is my first attempt at a spaceman. He's small as I want the pixels to look chunky in the final game. This cycle contains run, jump and idle. The animation frames were inspired by the walk and jump cycles in a Preston Blair book on cartoon animation (you can find the cycle images all over Google as well.)

This is an earlier iteration without shading, and just the run cycle.

So questions:

 - It all looks very simplistic, and the shading seems uneven between the head and the body. How can I better shade the character to be more space-suit-like? (I'd like to keep a slight orange tint to the player, as the majority of the environment will have an orange hue.)

 - The game concept involves the suit sometimes being empty, controlled remotely by an AI (in game of course. In reality the player is always in control.) In this case, a "breathing" style idle animation doesn't really make sense. What else could I use for an idle animation to add interest? Breathing seems to be so ubiquitous.

 - I'm not overly happy with the "Jet Set Willy" style side-on idle. What kind of poses are there that aren't the "overly dramatic 45 degree to the camera posed" look?
Pixel Art / Re: 16bit Character Sprites
« Last post by eishiya on June 02, 2019, 05:24:06 pm »
The animation looks like it ping-pongs and the feet shuffle forward and backward, instead of cycling as in a walk. When moving forward, the foot should lift up and the foot should be angled differently. You don't really have room for a clear lift, but you can still angle the foot.  Moving forward, it should be led by the ankle, moving backward, it should be led by the heel.
Unpaid Work / Looking for Pixel Artists for a 2D Pixel Horror Game (UNPAID)
« Last post by PakeyShakes on June 02, 2019, 11:43:46 am »
Hi, my name is PakeyShakes and I am looking for an unpaid 2D artist to work on a horror game I am currently making. If I am able to, I may pay you a small sum.
Here is an example of what you may be drawing for the game, something like the art style of the 2016 hit game 'Stardew Valley', click the link for the example:

Character -
Food -
Tools - , check out this page ( for some more tools.
Environment (Outdoor) -
Environment (Indoor) -

If you accept this offer, you may be working with me for a month (maybe even less if you're quick at drawing). After that month, I will keep working on the game without you but I will use your art for the game that you made. The game will take about 6 months to make, but I don't want to tire you out, so I'll just be working with you for a month and use your art from that point.

I will credit you in the credits at the start of the game and the end.
Your portfolio doesn't need to be the most impressive thing, but I just want something similar to the art style I just informed you of. You don't even need a portfolio, but you need to prove that you can draw something like the Stardew Valley art style.

This will greatly improve your portfolio for other projects as well.

If you have any questions, please ask.
If you're interested, reply.

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