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Hello, my name is Bruno and I have been working as a professional pixel artist for over eight years in which I have developed different styles and aesthetics according to my clients needs.

I would love to help you bring your vision and characters come to life. I have seen your characters and What I think could work, since the will be 50, is to make some sort of character maker. I mean just make different parts of characters all sync so you could put, let's say a beard in one a it would fit perfectly. That way you could have not just 50, but many more. Of course this all would depend on how many caration parts you might want and how many parts would be.

This is a link to my portfolio:

I have around 2 hours free right now, but I expect them to be more in the next weeks.

About the price, I do charge 25 USD per hour. So for something like this it should take around 40 minutes each character, I am not sure about this, but it's just a matter of  making one a measuring the time it takes and also it would depend on if you want to make the character maker or not.

You DM me or send me a message on discord:

Best wishes
Pixel Art / Re: Looking for help on top down character
« Last post by eliddell on January 18, 2021, 02:39:50 pm »
Okay.  First of all, are you sure you've got the perspective right?  You describe this as "top-down", and I suspect you actually mean the traditional 3/4-ish view used in 2D JRPGs, but when I look at the art, it seems more side-on than it should be.  Or maybe it's just that I'm expecting chibi proportions.  If it looks okay in the context of your project, just ignore me.

Secondly, coloured outlines are fine, although multi-coloured outlines add to the amount of effort you need to animate (since any detail increases animation difficulty).  The purpose of an outline is to get the sprite to stand out against a background.  If it does that well enough, it doesn't matter whether you have a black outline, a coloured outline, or no outline at all.

I'm far from a master of animation, but I did notice a couple of things.  On the first frame of the forward diagonal animation, the far leg looks almost like it's sticking out to the side.  It's something about the shading, but I can't put my finger on it better than that.  Also, in the same animation, the hand of the near arm seems to come further across the torso than the far arm.  Part of that is perspective, though.  And he looks like he's looking slightly toward the camera, rather than straight ahead in the direction he's moving.

Side animation:  Feet seem to vary in size more than perspective+shifting weight would account for.  Highlight on the near leg is maybe a bit much.

Rear diagonal:  The legs here just are not quite right.  I get the impression that he's trying to move more "into the screen" than the angle of the head and torso suggest, and his legs should be getting tangled at the ankles and making him fall over.  Frame 4 in particular just makes him look off-balance.
Pixel Art / Re: Wereboar - any advice on fur?
« Last post by eliddell on January 18, 2021, 01:55:44 pm »
Deepening the shadows is okay, but you've got to remember that the shadows are there to indicate form. ;)  In this case, you were shading the shadow between the muscles as heavily as the actual joint creases (and not being entirely clear about how the muscles fit together).  That was why it didn't work.

I think I saw your wolf (on the reddit PixelArt sub, but I only lurk there).  Unfortunately, all I remember is the fur.
Ey im interested in your project, this is my portfolio Also, I have worked on 3d projects, this is one of my most recent 3d works

Availability, I can work 20 hours a week, we can even talk to work between 30/40 hours a week, if necessary.
this is my price per hour: 22 / h

I have worked on projects like Devils tower ( with Eric)

My linkedin

My discord tag raysixx#8594
Zombies Card game, 'OMZ! Oh My Zombies
Please follow the link:

Looking for new projects
Skype ID: hephaestusent

Thank you

2D/3D Game & Animation service provider @ Indie price
Contact Details:
Skype ID:hephaestusent
More Art:
Pixel Art / Medieval Marching Animation (looking for critiques and advice)
« Last post by ronaldaam on January 18, 2021, 08:05:33 am »

I spent the weekend working hard on this marching animation of a character I designed a few months ago.  All I had was the face until yesterday, but I really tried to work on style and personality.  One of my favorite games growing up was Samurai Showdown (3 and 4 mainly).  I LOVE their animation (for me, those were the best SNK games!).  Anyways, I would like to animate the character striking a pose with his sword, then attacking and going back to a guarded position.  I think for what I'm doing right now, it will be from a front-facing point of view (unlike fighting games).  So I'm looking for advice for that and how you might approach it.  Also any critiques or feedback concerning my marching animation is greatly appreciated!  Thanks!

Here's the link:

- ronaldaam
Project background:

This is for a game called Eternal Exodus.

Another artist is already on the project and doing an amazing job, but there's so much art to do, so we've discussed having someone else come onboard to do the bulk of the NPC sprites.

Work description

- 50 NPCs in total

- The majority of these can be small variations of each other.  I was thinking it would make sense to draw 15 unique characters, and then the rest can be variations of each other: changing the color of hair/clothing, and perhaps some instances of mixing-and-matching (take hair from one NPC and the body/clothes of another, that sort of thing)

- I don't have any picky descriptions of what the NPCs should look like or what they should wear; I'm just looking for a generic mix of men and women to put mainly as villagers in the game.  Typical RPG stuff.  Clothing could be Victorian, or modern, or whatever-- it's its own sort of world, so there aren't any hard rules there.

Technical requirements:

- The game has a specific style in place, so I need someone who can match the style.  You can see some screenshots on the Steam page, and here's an example of one of the characters:

- Base templates will be provided; please work off these.  Standard 12-frame spritesheets (4 directions times 3 frames each), roughly 18x32 pixels per frame.

- Please adhere to the game's existing palette.  I don't have a palette image to send, unfortunately, but I can send you screenshots or existing sprites/tilesets to grab colors from.

Legal info and payment info:
Before starting the work, I'll ask you to sign a contract made via DoContract to assign copyright of the work (once paid) to my company.  You'll receive a credit in the game and are free to show your work in your portfolio.  To be clear, I'm looking to pay someone upfront for their work here: no revenue-sharing or royalties.

I can pay via your preferred method out of PayPal, Venmo, or Cash App.  I respect your time, so you can rest assured that I'll pay promptly upon delivery of each batch of sprites: always within 24 hours, but usually even sooner.

Please post...
- A link to your portfolio

- Your availability.  It's okay if you can't start immediately, though.  Just looking to have it done by sometime in February or March.

- A price quote.  To reiterate, the work would be about 15 new characters and then 2-3 minor variations of each (recolorings, mainly), totaling 50 spritesheets.
General Discussion / Re: Wacom tablet for pixel art?
« Last post by jalonso67 on January 18, 2021, 02:59:41 am »
I use mouse for Pixel modification with Photoshop and illustrators. I also use a very cheap XP-PEN ( ) tablet for some painting. In My opinion, The tablet is very easy to use and very precise in a lot of situation(e.g selection tool etc.) and once you get use to the tablet it is like drawing on a piece of paper.
But you can work anything out with your mouse like pixel art creation and other stuff. it just harder and more work. If you just use for pixal art and want to save money then you don't really need tablet. but if you do more like comic and speed painting then i would say yes to get a tablet for sure.
Job offers / [PAID] Top-down characters,objects,tilesets
« Last post by LongerGamesStudio on January 16, 2021, 06:39:09 pm »
Hello, I'm preparing for the medium scope project, something like 4-5 months.
Game will be mainly about using elements (air,ground,water,fire)
Sizes: no bigger than 48px
All top-down in a joyful sweet style (i attached the example of what i mean)

What i need is:

  • 5 versions of 1 main character
  • up to 15 animations for main character

  • 15 environment objects (plants,trees,rocks etc.)
  • 1-3 animations for each object

  • 5 tilesets

I can afford maximum 17,5$/h

If you are interested send me portfolio:
Job offers / [UNPAID] [REVSHARE] Looking for pixel artist
« Last post by Zaxrem on January 16, 2021, 06:49:20 am »
Hello, I am looking for a pixel artist to help me with my game.

Even if in general unskilled, Im willing to take things a little slowly,since this is the first game Im developing

The art style is already somewhat determined (initial pixel art drawings done by me,however since game development + pixel art is way too much for me to handle, I decided to look for a partner),it can change, but Im looking for this style in general.

Payment is in revshare (50/50) and this project is kinda big and it will take months of your time.

There are plans in the near future to start a kickstarter to help get some funds,so expect some cash
after some art is done and we get a playable demo on the air (a lot of the game functions,basically at demo level with minimal bugs,just need art assets and a few workdays of implementing assets and testing them).

DM me here,or add me on discord (Zaxrem#6991)

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