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Pixel Art / Re: Some people standing around
« Last post by cels on October 23, 2021, 01:35:39 pm »
Hello there! It's good to be back amongst strangers!

Thanks a lot for the feedback and edit! Let me do this point by point.
- Nice change to the windows. My version didn't account for indirect lighting or anything other than direct sunlight / moonlight.
- Good point about restricting the warm light in the background. I tried to remedy this although maybe I should take it further. On the other hand, I don't want the colors to be too realistic, I want to make it unrealistically colorful. Still, a more neutral castle color seems better. (I don't want to make the castle too cold because then it looks like some sort of cliché water temple)
- I definitely want to have a lot of strong outlines, but you are right that I should be restrictive. I want to take some inspiration from Alphonse Mucha, stained glass windows and comic books. So things will be exaggerated rather than muted. But I still need to consider where to use weaker vs stronger outlines. Which things need to pop, as you say.
- Nice idea of having large, irregular stones in the wall. I will play around with different sizes. It really helps to break up the sterile look of perfect angles.
- The polearm is supposed to have a hammer, not an axehead. I will work on this shape.
- Some of the lines on the walls will either disappear or change function as I do more work but it's interesting to see your interpretation.
- The water animation is super early, it's just to get my creativity going. Eventually, I hope to have a fairly nice and detailed animation for the water and fire.
- I will also be animating the torch, so I can't have such a finely detailed flame as your edit. I do like the idea of using a lot of red in the flame, but then I'm worried it won't look like a significant light source. Choices, choices.
- I have not decided about the clothes yet, but you did a great job with the robes.

Thanks again!  :) :y:


I also planned to do some light rays but I'm not sure how to do that without going full FX fireworks, which may be a bit overwhelming, if every window is casting light rays.

One thing at a time, of course. Just playing around with ideas.

Looking for work!
Pixel Art / Re: Some people standing around
« Last post by SeinRuhe on October 22, 2021, 06:28:39 pm »
Hello random stranger I've never heard of before!

I don't know much about composition so no advice on there, although I think the comp in this piece is really good and sort of cinematic!

My advice would be to keep the warm light while making what's in shadow closer to gray to make it look cooler, it gives a nice effect!

I would also get rid of most of the lines as well as selecting another color for the darkest darks! You could keep an outline for mayor things or things that need some pop like the characters

Pixel Art / Some people standing around
« Last post by cels on October 22, 2021, 12:39:41 am »
I haven't posted here in a long time but I figure it might be a good time to post another WIP.

Any feedback welcome, although I must admit that I'm probably not making any significant changes to the composition at this point, unless they're easy to fix. Maybe.

Cheers!  :)
Job offers / [PAID] Piepacker is looking for a lead pixel artist
« Last post by WilsonScarloxy on October 20, 2021, 04:20:18 pm »

We, at Piepacker, are looking for a Lead Pixel/2D artist to join our growing game development studio. Piepacker is a cloud social gaming platform, that recreates the feeling of playing old school console and arcade games in your living room, but now online and with friends. The platform adds a new social dynamic to the experience through video chat, snapchat’s style 3D filters and new game modes like battle royale. Piepacker's game development studio aims at developing and shipping innovative, fun and short-cycled games for all our users. Job is fully remote (CET timezone +/- 2hours) and with full-time contract.

More info about the company and the role here:
Devlogs & Projects / Cozy Days - A relaxing sandbox game! (Released on
« Last post by Arethrid on October 19, 2021, 11:33:16 am »

After several months of development my first full release game is finished and ready for download!
The game can be downloaded for free on Itch.

Cozy Days is a relaxing sandbox game featuring a peaceful house with a warm and cozy fireplace at its heart.

Throw chunky logs into the fireplace, light a few candles and enjoy the crunchy crackling of timber and the soothing dance of glowing tiny pixels as the midi based retro music plays in the background.

Cozy Days simply provides a calming hygge ambiance for relaxing, studying, reading, sleeping and meditating.

You can also organize the items in the house to create your personal space.

I wish you all cozy days! :)
Portfolios / Re: [For Hire]-Pixel Artist
« Last post by pixelartist3123 on October 19, 2021, 08:29:11 am »
Pixel Art / Re: Need Advice on Light Aura
« Last post by SeinRuhe on October 19, 2021, 12:58:09 am »
Usually, this kind of effects are the result of post processing so treat it as such. My advice would be to make a circle (blur it if you want) and set it to a blending mode that resembles the effect you want to give. Animate any lighting effect that you may want to have in said layer and lastly be careful when using the eyedropper tool to pick colors from this layer, you may end up sampling all layers instead of the current layer.
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