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Portfolios / Re: Twilight - Pixel artist (2D, NFT, Logo)
« Last post by PixelArtLover on May 12, 2022, 09:42:47 am »
available now
Pixel Art / Looking for critique on some game art (gifs)
« Last post by Noba on May 11, 2022, 05:26:10 pm »
Last time I posted here was like 5 years ago, and looking at my art from back then makes me kind of embarrassed lol

Please let me know if posts like this aren't allowed.

But anyway, I'm looking for opinions on some game artwork. I have the following gifs from Unity (Please ignore the banding, it's pretty much the only way to keep file sizes down). The game has no background yet, but the idea is for it to be an underground forest, hence why the lighting is dark:

The scene is just a random scene I've set up to experiment with the art, and not anything for the final game. I'm also not decided on whether the lighting and bloom should be pixelated or not.

Lighting enabled:

Lighting disabled:

There's also the following sprite sheet, please ignore how messy it is.

The palette is also here, I'm looking for advice on whether I should make my own palette or not:
Portfolios / Re: Pixel Artist and Animator [Open]
« Last post by Johasu on May 11, 2022, 03:07:16 pm »
 ;D ;DBack in action after a long break due to family issues.  Looking for work. ;D ;D

Link to Deviant Art Gallery

Freelance pixel artist available for commissions.
Message me for a negotiable competitive quote today.
Reduced rates for steady weekly work.

PS4 and Vita Release for Twin Breaker available now!
Twin Breaker

Currently looking for steady projects.


Check out my gallery and ask about anything you might like to have done.

You may contact me here via response or pm
or through anyone of the methods listed below.
discord: Johasu#6831
twitter: @Johasu232
Pixel Art / Re: Barbarian sprite with NES specs [WIP][C+C]
« Last post by fskn on May 10, 2022, 10:52:16 am »
As a tiny little update... I did a horse.

And I guess our ape friends got a new animation frame:

Haven't done anything in a while for a multitude of reasons.
Portfolios / Re: Pixel artist/animator up for new projects!
« Last post by KatsuRian on May 10, 2022, 04:35:27 am »
Bump :)
Portfolios / Re: Ancient pixel arts master
« Last post by A0405u on May 09, 2022, 03:44:37 pm »
Ready for some work!
Portfolios / Re: Affordable pixel artist for hire
« Last post by Val on May 06, 2022, 05:31:33 pm »
Job offers / Re: [PAID] Looking for Pixel Artist for a Competitive RPG
« Last post by Mechano on May 04, 2022, 12:07:35 pm »
Sent you a friend request
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