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« on: May 26, 2019, 11:32:31 am »

Hi, LunarPumpkin here. We have been working on a project for the past few months and got alots of the mechanics up and running for the over world. We are now working on the battle systems and shop systems and nearing the release of the first build of the project.

Montly Payment split based on formula, you can contact me about the formula, trello for the project's pipeline and marketing plan as this is a bit too heavy for a single post.

You can contact me on discord at QUAKEMAN#2235


The game is a top down adventure game where a few clones fight over the control of an underground lab. You play for a small cast of clones that has different mechanics that affect each others (Adventure / science / farming / building).

You repair the lab and complete quests for resources that allow you to unlock new content for blueprints and you advance the overall lab science to get new items and grow your item farming. Items can be put to auctions for clones to use for self upgrade without having you constantly manually helping everyone individually by yourself. You grow relationships and unlock scenes based on your relation / the theme the lab is tilted to and items unlocked.

The game is NSFW and involve clones with monster traits and super power and everything goes (except for loli / shota / scat / piss and such) but due to the nature of the powers some odd events will happen out of the vanilla sphere.


PIXEL ARTIST :  Tiles in the style of pokemon emerald but 32x32 instead of 16x16, and props and clone icons and sprites.

You do not just join the project to follow directions, this is a project we make together so you will be able to give ideas, suggestions and bring some artistic freedom as long as it doesn't go against the main core of the game's theme. We are flexible to changes to acomodate / make the project more appealing to everyone helping us make this the best project it can be.

Here are examples of the style for the character dialogues and the sprites

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