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Right now we are testing two modelers, so the thread can be closed for now. If you think you are a really good 3D pixel art modeler you can still send your portfolio (only 3D pixel art, not generic pixel art)

Thank you.


Hello there,
My name is Wilson Scarloxy and I'm part of a farming game project similar to Stardew Valley. In this game there's a lot of 3D modeling involved so we need a 3D pixel modeler that likely uses Sprytile to do the models.

The game needs a 3D pixel modeler that has a lot of time availability (20+ hours a week), due to the volume of work. The game is already really advanced in other aspects and 3D modeling is the missing piece.

You can submit your offer along with your portofolio to my Discord: wilsonscarloxy#0052
Thank you for your attention :)


Hello there,

My name is Wilson and I am here to ask for some pixel artist specialized in top-down pixel art games to help VestaOrion (Discord: VestaOrion#6906) and his crew to build a new version of the game Code: Paradox, called Code: Paradox Remix. The original demo of the game was positioned 48th out of 330 in the people's choice  at IGMC 2018. These are some hints of the story:

The Acquisitions War: During the war of Acquisitions, the Corps are fighting for the acquisition of capital and assets due to the fall of governments, Corporations now rule the new world, at its top is Zetra Corp. locked in eternal combat with other AAA Corporations in an eternal war of Acquisitions. The citizens of the world are cattle and they are wage salves working for the big machines that are the Corps stuck in the never ending war between the giants. 50 years pass, the world is back in relative peace, since the Corporations did not want to turn the world asunder, their war turned into a covert one. As they say, "if we destroy everything who will buy our products?"

The Battle of the Skyrail: The battle of the Skyrail was the last battle of the Acquisitions War, where the ensuing chaos finished the battle with the destruction of the skyrail of Acadia, totaling the death of 8,000 soldiers on the skyrail and 12,000 underneath.

Code: Paradox is a modern RPG with Urban environments and magic involved, so the work will be mostly related to city buildings. Here are some screenshots of the game:

The payment method is revenue-share.

If you're interested or have any doubts, please contact VestaOrion#6906 in Discord :) Working with his team was an incredible experience and Vesta is an amazing director who knows what he's doing, also making everything feel familiar as well ^^. So if you're looking for a long term relationship, this is a good option!

Also you can check the demo for yourself here:

See ya!


I'm interested in your job!

My discord is wilsonscarloxy#0052 and my portfolio can be found at:

Thank you for your attention!


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