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Pixel Art / Commodore Neil (Update)
« on: July 27, 2006, 01:49:34 am »

This was supposed to just be practice utilizing more grays/neutrals in my art. I ended up having to stop before I overworked it into a state of badness.

Mainly inspired by the palettes of Miascugh and Kon.

Best viewed at 2x.


Pixel Art / Leus and Ruel
« on: May 07, 2006, 03:02:27 am »

Guess who's who. I think I'll call 'em done, unless you guys see any glaring flaws. Not happy with the fox's hand, but that's the best I could get.

And yeah, I know red fox's forelegs are black/dark. It didn't look right.


Pixel Art / Fighter
« on: April 02, 2006, 01:02:19 am »
Well, I saw a buncha fighter sprites poppin' up 'round here, so I decided to give one a go.

I was really unhappy with the way my KOS sprite turned out. This one, I think, is more classically styled. This is for nothing in particular. I won't be making a portrait or anything. It's just a fighter.

What I really need help with is the missing leg. I'm stumped on how it should be positioned. Is the crotch too wide? I wanted him to have a wide, "ready" stance, and would loathe redoing the already done leg, since it was a pain to get to this point and I really like how everything else turned out.

Oh, and do you's think his shirt is too wrinkly?

C&C much appreciated.

Pixel Art / Animations ~updated again~
« on: March 13, 2006, 11:42:26 pm »
Wow, these are like the first animations I've done in forever...
I don't really do animations, so I figured I'd get some practice.

I was thinking about making a death animation for the second one - all juicy and blood-spattered, and a walk cycle for the first one. I'm fairly pleased with the outcome of both, considering my lack of frequent animation.
Anyway, C&C, please.

Pixel Art / You're a barcode, now.
« on: February 26, 2006, 01:11:53 am »


C&C, please.

[update below]

Pixel Art / KOS Portrait (Done?)
« on: January 07, 2006, 11:24:19 pm »

I have no Idea how to go about this. I've never done something this big.
C&C, and any techniques that would be useful, please...please...


Pixel Art / Avatar = New
« on: November 19, 2005, 06:40:55 pm »

8 colors.

It's about time I go back to TR. That little dude sometimes hypnotized me.

General Discussion / Xion M. Night's Blazing Campaign Trail of "Wheeee!"
« on: November 12, 2005, 09:40:13 pm »
Alright, I'm running. Various issues that I'd like to address.

For the activities, I would like to see both more serious and more lighthearted ones, the more serious ones being made up of Commercial Critiques, contests, serious art lessons, and other such stuffs, whereas the lighthearted ones would be activities that newbs and people with or without confidence in their skills could simply pick up and participate in, like community collabs, fads, weekly funstuffs, and simple tutorials. Of course, there would be no definite or official seperations between activity types, but more of these things would be nice to see.

For the "drama" that NyanNyan brings up, I believe that a healthy debate isn't so bad every once in a while, but if the debate/drama is likely to become pointless, overly flambuoyant, or create animosity in the community, then it should be resolved or exterminated ASAP, if not immediately.

About me:
I've been pixelling for a couple years now and Pixelation has helped me to interminable ends. I would like to now help others like this community has helped me, and, though I still have much to learn, I shall try my best to live up to my duty.
*Sheds a single tear*
(I feel a song coming on...)

O', Pixelation, pixelnation how I see your glo-ow
Yea, Pixelnation, Pixelation, now I see you gro-ow!

And pixelation, how I know you've helped me so, (I know)
And pixelation, how I hated to see you go. (see you go)

But after months of searching, I found you a-gain,
So now I know we'll be together 'till the end.

Yea, Pixelation though you've change your name,
Yea, I know that through and through you're the same!

O', Pixelation, Pixelnation how I see your glo-ow
Yea, Pixelnation, Pixelation, now I see you soooo!

Ok, I'm done.

Yeah, I know the colorssuck, but feel free to fix them for me. ;)

Pixel Art / Stuff.
« on: September 24, 2005, 07:52:32 pm »

I had an Idea for a game in which you play as the 1st character. It'd be like a mix between Zelda 2, Mario, Metroid, and Cave Story. You'd travel with your partner as heroes for hire, vanquishing dragons and dark lords for a fee, y' know?
The 2nd and 3rd things would be basic, roaming enemies. Yeah, I just realised that the Goob is blindingly saturated. The purple guy sitting down is your partner, often found in a pub, drinking or something. He's a bit more powerful than your character, but rarely fights until the very end.
Then there's a chair.
After that comes the big, blue rock collector. He's pretty powerful when it comes to defense, but very stupid. Pretty much a recurring boss, every time you encounter him (about 7 times), he'll have a new move.
Then theres a green and red cat-type creature. They're a fairly peaceful race wanting nothing more than to be left alone in the plains they call home. Semi-sentient, some can trade with you and provide advice, but like cucoos from zelda, if you attack one, they'll skeletonize you in seconds, or at least do considerable damage 'till you leave the map.
After them comes the Trader. He can sell you weapons and pretty much anything else at the entrance to every dungeon. He's also the only human in the game, and is involved in a zelda-style trading quest.
Then, of course, my Terror Raven cameo.
I tried keeping them all 5 cols or less. The only one that exceeds that limit is Mr. Purple, with the cup in his hand.

Oh, drat. Something went wrong in the image conversion and now Mr. Blue has just one leg.

An attempt to use only the default MS paint pallete to create a pic. A zombie shooting another zombie. I tried to use as many colors as I could, but there were a few left over in the pallete that wouldn't fit anywhere.

A dude with an afro.

Pixel Art / Old and new---
« on: August 11, 2005, 04:29:40 am »
I remade an old avatar of mine;

(New:: ::Old)

Of course, I think it's an obvious improvement from the low-contrast, over-dithered, ball-headed Terror Raven*(No offense to ditherers or their art.), but it looks more zombieish than scarecrowish to me. Honestly, I don't really care, and I don't think I'm going to change it, but... Well there are no buts. I'm fairly happy with it.

C&C, please.

*Terror Raven- that's his name, if you didn't know.

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