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About 3 weeks. I'm prepared to buy only the art assets and animate it in Crazytalk 3 if no takers.

Oh and just a heads up that you'd obviously get full credit/billing on the production, and probably some small percentage of royalty rights on the off chance I can get this picked up for a redistribution as a feature once the series is finished rolling out.

My aim would really be to just get my material out there, pay myself a fair wage, do the same for anyone else who contributes, and make sure everyone gets appropriate credit and further opportunities off the back of it--which is a huge component for me as someone trying to break out and get this seen to roll into something profitable pot the 2nd or 3rd go.

I also would plan to follow this up with a pair pf sequels spoofing Days of Thunder and Mission Impossible using the same Todd Mews character (and my shitty Tom Cruise impression) if this is successful enough to warrant continuing.

Sorry title should read "pixel animate", there's no anime component.

I am a screenwriter who wrote and will now produce a pixel animated scene for scene spoof version of the hit film TOP GUN.

Most scenes play out with the same action but a slight twist, usually with different dialogue, but same core elements. Closer to the original than something like Hot Shots, for example, so having a copy of the film itself would prove an invaluable asset for mining... assets.

This one should be pretty easy to estimate your time for. You will have a full 100 page script to work from, and depending on timing 2-3 of lead cast's dialogue, with me approximating voices and sound effects on raw audio to get the timing for the rest of the parts--eg you will have a 100 page script with full beats and a 100 minute audio recording to animate to.

Here is a rough approximation of how the pixel art should look in my mind - although I'm open to higher/lower grain, and keen to see an example of your animated pixel art if available.

Basically I would need you to deliver 100 minutes of 4k animated pixel art based on the film Top Gun with some novel elements. Please PM me with a quote.

You can view the full script here. Cheers!

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