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Pixel Art / Re: RPG Face
« on: August 14, 2006, 10:43:24 pm »
any suggestions on solving this without making it more of the smoother, standard style?

The few suggestions I would make would be to tweak the grey so that it is less obvious and off-putting, and maybe around the mouth, lose some of the grey altogether, that's really the biggest problem area for me right now. If it's supposed to look like stubble, it's not fully working. Work with that if it is. And just one minor change I'd suggest is getting rid of the harsh dark streak just to the right of his eye, and the one below that. They kinda stick out like a sore thumb to me.

Upon looking a second time I would take back the part about making it smoother. Just colour tweaking and those few key areas should make this perfect in my opinion.

Pixel Art / Re: RPG Face
« on: August 14, 2006, 09:42:36 pm »
First of all, the blue looks way better as the background than the red does. Second, this is sexy.

Now for some critiquing:

My maing concern is the grungy kinda look it has, there's too much going on for the size of the portrait, primarily around the mouth area. It might just be me, but that grey colour is really bothering me, and seems to be causing the most grief to my eyes.

Smoother is moreso what I always picture for portraits in a game setting. I mean, you can have a grungy look, but there's ways of doing so without really cluttering up the face.

I'd say great portrait, although the technique used would be better suited for a larger sized portrait.

Pixel Art / Re: Might as well post something I guess
« on: August 04, 2006, 08:35:56 pm »
Haha, thanks for the warm welcome  ::) lol.

Anyways, after hearing crits about the lack of depth to this, I went ahead and started depthing it, since I wanted to do that in the first place:

Tell me how it looks. And yeah, it's been pointed out to me that the pose is very boring, the piece is just very big compare to most things I draw using pixel.

Pixel Art / Re: Might as well post something I guess
« on: August 04, 2006, 07:54:13 pm »
lmao quark isn't really new... but oh well xD

i crit'd on punaji :P so.. this is just a filler for my lack of careness :)


Pixel Art / Might as well post something I guess
« on: August 04, 2006, 07:14:10 pm »
Just joined not too long ago, here's some stuff:

Still unsure if I'd call this done (this needs the most critiquing)

something for fun and boredom.

Some minigame thing that seems to have already died...

Aright, that's it, CnC appreciated!

Pixel Art / Re: my colors.. not my lines
« on: July 24, 2006, 05:13:09 am »
I was thinking, that next to pencil doodling, pixel art is one of the fastest mediums in which you can go from initial concept to finalized image (around ~1 hour up to 3 for such pieces? Imagine doing oils or acrylics). If you find yourself not finishing small pixel art pieces like these consistently, I'm afraid you're going to have a problem with almost all other types of art. I'm not King Finisher either, but for what it's worth, I urge you to press yourself to finish these and cyclo.

I gotta fully agree with Helm here. Coming from experience, the average time I have taken on an acrylic painting or larger sized natural medium project, is probably upwards of 8-10 hours, depending on medium and technique, as well as subject matter. Pixel art is fairly fast in comparison, but comparing digital medium to natural medium gets a little tougher, especially considering the huge discrepency in technique (closest comparison would be pointilism, but even then... yeah)

As for the sprites themselves: I must say, those colour choices are insane, and yet they work SOOOO nicely. One thing I learned from working with natural mediums, which you never really get as much with pixels, is the subtle arrangement of seemingly nonsensical colours to make an amazingly natural looking piece. You've pulled this off superbly, it really kinda gives all of these a natural look, something I applaud you for intensely. I can't wait to see more crazy palettes from you.

Awesome job, lots of love.

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