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Pixel Art / Re: [WIP] Men at War (atari Falcon)
« on: March 19, 2010, 11:18:42 am »
So I have been working on my men during the last 2 days.
What did I do:

- I changed one of the grey colors in for a brown version, and re-AA the letters so it wouldn't show ;)
- I used the brownish color to give some what more facial expression and on the hands.
- Changed the green colors for blue colors, brightend the red to a more orange.
- Made so more small touch-ups...
- Bombs adjusted, might do even more

Thing I'm thinking of:
- More animation during the walk only the feet and eyes move. I want to move the shoulders
  a bit during walking. Tried it already but then the little guy seemed over active and about
  to drop at any step :(

For the scenery I have tried adjusting the pallet, esp. the purple. Still at work so no picture yet.
Also tried to do something EyeCraft made black, workig on a mesh-kind of pattern to fill it up...

So, busy...

Pixel Art / Re: iPod Touch
« on: March 19, 2010, 08:38:15 am »
I think the thin version is okay now, I have a real one in front of me right now  ::)
And The thinner one is the best match...

Pixel Art Feature Chest / Re: R0x Zero(wip)
« on: March 17, 2010, 08:49:44 pm »
Nice some other Atari fans here :) Very nice GFX !!! This looks so good, can't wait untill the game is
finished. Wonder why they/we couldn't make suchs good looking games when the Atari was still "hot".

Btw my lips are sealed !!!
I also look for a bit of help here for my Men at War project ;)

Pixel Art / Re: [WIP] Men at War (atari Falcon)
« on: March 17, 2010, 05:52:42 am »
Thanx EyeCraft,

Finaly something to work with :) Yeah old school it is, esp. working on old machines is fun.
4 channel mod files, chip tunes the lot !

-Green to blue, I like that will try that for sure.
- 16 x 16 because of the speed, once I make the sprites bigger I "lose" more time
  to print them and it will be out of sync (so no more smooth walking but jerky movement)
  They are placed like that for fast read-out, going right is joystick code 8, so 16 x 8 is right on a bit boundary.
  Sometimes is a hazzard to be a programmer and a gfx man in one  ::)
- To much contrast in de background I agree, it's a struggle because I have limited options.
  The color can go from 0 till max 7 in shades so 000 black 777 pure white and al the steps in between.

- Also you can only use the 16 colors from the 1 picture in that picture, so no mixing the 2 palets like in
  the  playfield screen shot. I will make a picture to explain what I mean soon...
- I already tried once to make the playfield somewhat more grey-isch too let the characters pop out a little more
  but then it all felt a litlle bit boring. But will have a go...
- The walls look indeed better, but the black is so dark. Will try to find something in the middle like a roof pattern or so.

Mny thx sofar !

Pixel Art / [WIP] Men at War (atari Falcon)
« on: March 16, 2010, 07:46:21 pm »
This is my first topic (and almost first article here), new member since today  ;D

Small intro of what to expect and to see.

I have been pixeling for a long while in the past but due to other thing and changes things got dusty
in the corner for years, about 10 atleast. But I refound my old love for Atari's and started using it
again. I started a game once but it never came out of the pre-release state. It for the Atari Falcon
(the biggest brother of the Atari serie) an 68030 Motorola machine.

The game I am working at is made in a standard Basic language (so no assembler or C++) which works fine
on the Falcon. Runs very smooth in one screen refresh and has a rather high pace. It's a simple game,
a men to men shooter for 2 players. There are also moving parts to shoot at like bomb's or dangers pins
sticking out of the wall and so on...

Althought the Atari can use a standard 256 colors picture, I use 2 x 16 colors. 1 x 16 for everything
that's scenery and 1 x 16 for the players / bonus items and bombs. Why, because this way I can works
faster this way moving my sprites. I use the lower 4 bits for the scenery and the upper 4 bits for the
players. This way I don't have to use masking for the sprites at all and also the restore of my
background is skipped. Hope I don't get to technical now  ???

Anyway, here are the pictures I made sofar...

The first picture is a screenshot of the game in action. In total 32 colors are used.

The little men I didn't created them all by myself, they are a re-modeled version of the
robotz game. I liked them but the original were not as detailed plus movement was almost
non existing. They now walk (I play them from up to down (4 steps) and then start again).
Walking can be done in 8 directions. The bomb is just animated at the "flame" end which
isn't that good, still has some fixing ahead (tips ?)

The parts screen is how the several elements are made to make a playfield. Because I
can't use real sprite I do use an other technic. I look at colors, yeah I know sounds
strange, but let me explain:

Colors 0          (Black background) Can't really use it
colors 1,2,3      (Purple, ground, every thing you can walk on)
colors 4 till 12  (Colors used for tree's wall item's, they will stop you
                    or in other words you can't walk over)
colors 13,14,15   (Killers, if my routine detects you walking against an item
                   with that color you get killed)

Still following me ? So you can't use all the colors everywhere, like
the orange color to dither the floor isn't working because it would kill.
Pallet colors can be changed though, so the green can be bleu or what ever but
even it you changed the orage color to green that color would still be a killer.

I'm working on a scenery which is made of snow and ice but thats difficult because
I can't get it right. As soon as I have a reasonable first try I will post it.
Hope you all understand it all, I know it's a bit odd way to program but it works
great and the pre-release was a succes. But after 15 years I wan tot finish it :)
So a little help esp. on the gfx department is welcome...


Some additional information (This forum editor is not okay to work with if the text is too long, bounces up and down like crazy btw)

Pictures are 320 x 200 (official they are .PI1 format but rebuild them to gif with Grafx2)
A playfield is 320 x 240 (standard VGA)
Blocks used are 16 x 16 pixels

Site work also in progress,

(Edit by Eyecraft: please avoid unnecessary double-posts)

General Discussion / Re: Read the Rules, then introduce yourself here.
« on: March 16, 2010, 06:28:51 pm »
Hi I'm Deadlock (2nd nick name, my first is BoNuS but that was already taken :( )

I'm a partly GFX man and mostly programmer. Did a lot of 16 color work on the Atari's in the 80 / 90 and also
managed a disk magazine (very populair at that time). Really like(d) to pixel a lot using Degas Elite on the Atari ST.
And still do because I'm making a game on it :) This project has been down for many years now but retro is hot
and I would like to finish my game after al these years...

But GFX wish I could use some help because I have nice idea's for it, but can't seem to get it on screen as I
would like it. So found this site and hope you can help me with it in my (still to open) topic...

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