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General Discussion / A Few Starting Out Questions
« on: October 22, 2018, 05:44:38 pm »
Hello everyone,

I recently got the urge to try my hand at creating a side scroller tile set. I have used PS for years as my main painting tool of choice, but fancied the notion of working in a fresh environment to stimulate my engagement. I joined this forum a few days ago and have been reading a lot of posts. This has led me to try out and buy Aseprite, which I'm enjoying experimenting with, but now I have a few questions before I start any real work. Hope you guys can help.  :)

I'm familiar with normal texture set creation, colour palette considerations and texture size increments, but I would like to know if working on the framework for a pixel tile set (say, blocking in my bigger shapes and overall structure) in a few large files - with a smaller grid structure for later segmentation in mind - is a decent way of working; and if so, any advice on the most efficient way of chopping up the image into it's needed smaller components?

If the above is not really a viable way to go about things, some suggestions and pointers would be very much appreciated.

Secondly, can I mix up tile sizes for separate elements... say, 32x32 for the "playable" interactive layer (apologies for not being familiar with the lingo yet), and then maybe use 64x64 for a secondary parallax layer to add depth? The same for a third foreground layer set.

I have no plans on trying to make a game, but if I do manage to finish a tile/level set, at the very least I would like to throw it out there for anyone else to possibly use. I would be very appreciative of any considerations going forward that I should take into account and/or look up further.


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