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Portfolios / dualR's Portfolio - Freelance All-round Pixel Artist
« on: June 29, 2010, 04:32:11 am »
Please contact me via email:

I've made a variety of Pixel Art.

First and foremost: Icons!
These are becoming a bit of a specialty of mine


Island survival themed icons

Sci-Fi Icons - The fun kind

Sci-Fi Icons - The boring kind

Gameplay icons! Done for online game

Alright, enough icons. Time for.
Not a personal favourite to do, but I am able to do them

Tiles done for flash game series Commander

More tiles! Some were omitted but the important ones are shown

Isometric Tiles
One major project to show here

Preview image. Full image
For website KeywordCity
All pixel work for that site.

Contributed to the Goldfish music video - We Come Together


Once again assets for Commander

I also do a variety of styles

Please contact me via email:

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