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2D & 3D / (semi)low poly modelling experiments (undeadly)
« on: May 15, 2012, 05:14:06 pm »

448 Quads 512x512 diffuse 4-5 hours modelling unwrapping and texturing, no ref, just further testing my freehand anatomy and painting,
tattoos where an afterthought just experimented with creating a simple yet intricate pattern. colour tests from undead pallid to lively peach

feedback would be much appreciated, and feel free to comment i want to know if it is aesthetically pleasing or not.
kinda reminded me of shadow man with les gads, no?

Pixel Art / Exploranaut Game Project [WiP] :: feat. mockup
« on: March 24, 2010, 02:42:10 pm »
//i may start posting some of my game mock up stuff here ow wait rephrase its actually playable i am building it in engine after a mock up actually it won't hurt to post a primitive early concept

the colours are ugly though i reckon, and that background was kinda hap hazard maybe too busy, and the screen resolution is now 320x240, the mockup is GB res, because i was actually making it in 4 colours and 8x8 tiles full GB restrictions but soon just broke away from it. so um yeah some feedback on that will be nice too
copypasted from previous post,
moved here as to Jad's advise and this is a brief description i posted on PixelJoint
and i am working on a game project, i started with a 4 colour palette wanting to do a original GB style game, but soon found myself going into colour, and seems I have no colour restrictions at the moment but i will possibly create and retroactively impose a colour palette. this mockup was mainly testing my tileset.

I have a set of animations for the main character, well basic and kinda lame but i am working on it, i have a playable build too i am working on implementing features at the moment its just the basic mechanics jumping collisions and such, nothing fancy yet. oh might add that early mockup was still at the GB rez it's now 320x240.

premise: you play as a bounty treasure hunter who flies his starship to locations; ruins, wrecks, ancient dead cities of once prosperous alien races etc. and are given a list of artifacts to recover by your client, if it goes to my plan there will be some RPG elements weapons,handy kit and possible armour upgrades. some loose greater plot elements to tie it together, and possibly some sections later where you are pitted against rival treasure hunters, might work well as multiplayer 'get the treasure first' kinda thing, but i am not ambitious or confident enough to even imply i am going to do a multiplayer mode (unless someone wants to do some net code/or develop a splitscreen plugin for the engine) oh  ::) ramble ramble..

just got net back huzzah,
wanted to get community feedback on this the other day but couldn't so after a few hours and no readily available encouragement or feedback i stopped,
16 colours
no reference used* (but sure it looks like something else more than likely, subconscious or coincidental i assure you)

recently started to mess with Construct Game Engine, i created a scene with 3 layers of parallax  water and sine bobbing movement on a sea boat (really rough non pixel scribble of a boat), and i had a concealed sea creature with ball based tentacles it looked fairly good but i lost it when the program crashed  :'( (its in beta, so my fault for not backing it up, although the auto save feature had reverted to off because of a previous crash  :ouch: ),
, So i took the really rough idea of the ship and evolved it was planning on remaking the demo in pixel art, its fairly early and i decided to impose a 16 colour palette for a challenge. and before i knew it the rough idea evolved and I am actually motivated to finish it
some WiP images:

earliest save 8 colour:
Palette change :
Latest iteration :

all C&C is encouraged and appreciated :)
things i am aware of:
a) the mess on the deck doesn't make too much sense/not very readable as anything in particular started to make it into some form of steam engine or something but it will likely radically change. ideas would be welcome.
b)from what one person has said the mast/bottom of the sail(/ee thing) is too high, although seeming as its an airship and doesn't adhere to traditional ship design i don't think that's not entirely relevant :crazy: actually my father said that i should mount a fan aimed at the sail on the captains quarters heh
c) probably everything else, i am still somewhat a pixel newb and if there are any really blatant bad techniques or flaws in there please point them out

here's to getting better  ;D

oh and for those who actually read all this semi-coherant ramble-laden post  ::) thanks, and those who didn't i don't blame you  :P

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