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Pixel Art / I made some sprites for this game I wanna make, need feedback
« on: September 15, 2018, 01:23:40 am »
Hi everyone! I decided I wanted to make a strategy game with tiles like Final Fantasy Tactics, so I drew out the concept and found some of their sprites for reference and set to work. I haven't done much sprite work so I don't really know about finer technique or anything. Sorry if this stuff is a bit of a mess. I am also sort of unsure if this stuff is a little too close to my reference material? It's all ade from scratch, but maybe I should take further steps to differentiate them. Thanks for the feedback! I will continue posting here with the new content I'm making.

This is the sprite sheet I have been looking at for reference (only the three sprites at top left).

Main character option 1 (man in dapper attire)

Main character option 2 (mermaid with legs)

Some enemies (little dog and bear with hoods)

Idea for an enemy, goblin guy wearing ceramic head who fights with one hand

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