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Portfolios / Re: Henrik - pixel artist (looking for work)
« on: September 08, 2018, 10:27:21 am »
Hi all,

Normally I am not the type to write any review for anything ever, but for this guy (Henrik) I have too.

I've been hiring multiple pixelart artist though-out various sites online and hadn't found anybody which could pull of the art style that I was looking for (old school 16-bit high-end pixel art graphics),

Until I found Henrik.

This guy is amazing. His pixelart is from another level of which I have not seen before. The above portfolio doesn't do good justice on how good this guy is, cause the stuff he made for my game is better than his portfolio suggests. I mean: I'm trying to make a game which is inspired by Megaman X (16-bit SNES) and the graphics allready look better than the original. I am not even kidding you.

If you ever looking for an old-school 16-bit pixel-artist and have tried multiple ones and are ready to give up, please let Henrik change your mind.



PS: Game I'm making is called Omniblast X, if you ever see that game in the future somewhere, you know who made it possible.

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