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General Discussion / Sound Effects for my platform Game
« on: August 10, 2018, 03:25:42 am »
Hi, I'm making a game and I need sound effects for my character and other objects in the game. Can anyone give me a range of  how much it costs to make 1 sound effect. I don't want 8-bit retro sounds. I want more realistic. And also for people that have made games, where do you get your sounds from? Do you guys hire people from pixelation or do you guys go on different sites? Do you get free sounds? I'm making my first game and I need help guys. I highly appreciate those that help me. Thank you.

Also, I'm going to leave some links below of games that have sounds effects that I like and would want for my game just so you guys get an understanding of what kind of sound effects I want.

Hi, I need Someone to do Sound effects for my platform game. If interested in this job PM so we can discuss cost and other things.
Thanks :)

Hi, I'm Seeking a pixel artist than can do a title screen background for $30.
Background size: 480x270

I have the logo and icons for my title screen I just need a background. PM if you are interested in this job and link your portfolio as well.

Thank you.


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