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2D & 3D / Re: [ Traditional ][ WIP ] Yggdrasil
« on: March 01, 2019, 08:17:29 pm »
Here is how shading came out, not sure if I like it but there is no hard undo button for traditional xD . . . All of the orbs are supposed to be a light source.

Also after taking a day off from drawing this piece, I realized that the foreshortening could have been done a lot better, guess I will have to keep that in mind next time.

2D & 3D / Re: [ Traditional ][ WIP ] Yggdrasil
« on: February 28, 2019, 05:07:23 pm »
Thanks pyxelbit,

I will be sure to add a uniform light source. The orbs are supposed to be 9 realms / worlds that Yggdrasil connects.
Here is where I got the idea for that. Found it on google images while I was looking for references.

The thing I am concerned the most with is what to do for the top of the tree, which style of leaves to go for, will have to experiment with different styles and see what I think will fit the most. Although there is a lot more to do before it's time to do the leaves so I have time to think about it. If anyone has suggestions for that feel free to link some references, so far haven't any that I like.

P.S. After I previewed the post I noticed that someone edited Pokemon on the picture  :lol:

 - Thinking about making all 9 orbs a unique light source or at least the main orb ( the one in center of the tree ). Still deciding wether to go with that or another totally different option.

2D & 3D / [ Traditional ][ WIP ] Yggdrasil
« on: February 28, 2019, 08:07:37 am »
Decided to take a break from pixel art and get back into traditional drawing a bit, as well as study a bit.

Here's my take on Yggdrasil from Norse mythology.
Pencils used:
  - 2B

  • There isn't really a specific light source as I was mostly focused on bringing out the details on the bark with shading. With that said I will try to implement a specific light source and overlay shading and highlights.
  • The original image was higher res than the post so had to reduce the resolution, hope not a lot of details was lost. ( Here is the original )

Tho the bricks, and grass texture could be more obvious
Which bricks? Floor tiles or wall tiles?

update with sprites please
There are no sprites currently, not making a game, at least for now. I have some slime sprites but I would have to check their size and colors to see if they would fit well.

but one critique i have personally is over use of color which cause noise on ground tiles
Thanks, I will decrease the color count and adjust the tiles so they don't seem weird.

also personally like the sand (orange) more than the blue
Yeah, I like sandstone tiles more as well but thought the stone tiles would be more appropriate in the forest (dirt/grass) environment.

Although all these things aside. I will be busy with some other things for some time so I won't have as much time to focus on this, but I will try to get to this whenever I can.

Pixel Art / [Feedback] [CC] [WIP] Experimenting with new style for Tiles
« on: December 21, 2018, 09:48:50 pm »
As said in the title, experimenting with a different style. ( Not claiming that I'm inventing/creating a style, just experimenting, new meaning new for me )

Here is the tileset:

Here is the mock-up:

  • Does it tile well?
  • Are Stone/Sandstone ( Other as well ) tiles too noisy, especially stone tiles with moss?

Aside from these all feedback and cc are very welcome!
Thank you!

Pixel Art / Re: Critique for an Old Column
« on: November 03, 2018, 11:22:32 pm »
Light is coming somewhere from the mid range from the right side. The top side wasn't supposed to be list, that "light" was supposed to add texture / indicate it was not a flat surface, but could have done that with actually texturing it.

Oh, okay, I understand now what you mean, kinda.
The sky could have had more things in it, just clouds or even a sun or a moon ( on the lower right / left side ) or some birds.
Will keep in mind everything you told me about.
Thank you, again.

Pixel Art / Re: Critique for an Old Column
« on: November 03, 2018, 07:13:50 pm »
The light is supposed to be coming from right. Although I see your point, I should have put more shadow in left side of the ground tiles and grass and less on the left side.

Regarding dithering, this is my first time trying to do noticeable amount of dithering and I got so in to the mood of it xD, I'll keep what you said in mind, regarding balancing dithering and textures, thanks.

Honestly, I was not prepared what to do with the background, but I was running out of time so I did what first came to mind ( regarding the sky and lighter grass on the sides ), regarding the sky, I wanted to make it seem like day was ending and night was coming out kinda, to validate the lightning and to blend the border of the mysterious hill the column was on.

In addition, one of the colour boundaries tangents with the top of the column, making it look attached to the column rather than like a background.
I am not getting what you mean, not sure which parts seem attached to what and how.

Thanks you very much, eishiya. I'll keep in mind what you pointed out, and will spend more time in the sketch period and get a better Image of what I want to draw before going too deep and finishing it. I probably won't be doing any edits on this at current time at least.

Pixel Art / Critique for an Old Column
« on: November 03, 2018, 04:42:16 pm »
Hello, I decided to do yesterday's theme for Pixel Dailies for twitter, the theme was "column". Here is my entry and some points I would like to check, aside from that any feedback is welcome, thanks.

Image used for Twitter:

Image used during the initial to final phase of the drawing:

Point for critique:
  • Was dithering overdone or underdone, and was it done in a correct way?

  • I ended up using layers with dropped down opacity for shadows beneath the plants.
  • Background Sky was done last so least effort went in it as I was already few hours in it and it was late so I was exhausted.

Pixel Art / [CC] [WIP] Forest Tile Set
« on: July 04, 2018, 11:02:19 am »
Hello, I'm Joan.
I am new to the Pixelation forums, so hello there, it's nice to meet everyone. Introductions aside, I have been working on a Tile Set with Forest theme. I am using Dawnbringer's 32 color palette:

Tile Set:

Birch Tree is still WIP, still figuring out how I want to make the treetop look.
I have made 3 variations of patterns for details below the surface of the tiles but still, don't know what to do with that region.

Also, here is a mock-up, it's still WIP, and I haven't considered level-design a lot when I was making it.

My questions:
  • Should I make grass tiles have all 8 directions or leave it with top 3?
  • What could I do to improve the water tiles, I will animate them at a later date, as well as am I missing some?

Aside from that, any other criticism is welcome.
Thanks in advance!  :)

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