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Pixel Art / Re: Iso tiles (first time...)
« on: June 20, 2006, 03:55:13 am »
the first thing i thought when i saw it was boktai even before i read it.  these though are very nice and have a lot of character and cleanness at 1-1.  if they are intended to be zoomed, you may want to clean them since the lines start to look noisy up close, but if its ment for 1-1, the only advise i can give is to make more  ;D ;D

Hehe yeah I'm a big boktai art style lover, but since the first thing I'm fearing doing these tiles is making my source way too visible I'm happy you say they at least have some character.
These are intended to be viewed 1-1 on a Gp2x (screen res= 320*240) but I'm interested in the meaning of making them "cleaner"  ???, sorry if I don't understand something this basic but you know...<--N00B

I caught a hint of boktai as well, when I saw these. It's hard for me to give any crits though, 'cause there's so, well, not a lot. What's there looks good, but it's hard to tell how it'll fit in with other tiles, how it'll tile at all (becasue A)I've never done tiles in this perpective before, so seriously, I have no idea and B) it's hard to say, atm how gridded it'll look), etc...

But yeah, like adarias said, what's there is looking good. Keep at it.

Oh, and welcome to the boards!

Thanks Tremulant, yeah since we can use quite a lot of memory making them totally tillable is not a very big problem, just have to put a couple of variation here and there, but most of time I'll try to make as many tiles as possible.

Something is off, if you look at the lower left and upper right edges, you can see that it's not 1:1 pixels but more like 15:16 or something.
If you show the separate tiles, it would be easier to see if its a tiling problem or if its not. If the tiles are 32x32, I'm guessing its not the tiling since the pixels go +1 every 15 or so pixels.

Oh my!... Thanks dude you may have saved me a lot of time! I was effectively tiling them the wrong way  :P!! Fixed that after a quick read of St0ven 1:1 iso tile Tutorial.

Again thanks everyone! I'll certainly get some more tomorrow!

Pixel Art / Iso tiles (first time...)
« on: June 20, 2006, 01:54:50 am »
Well here comes my first post :)
Trying to get something done with a couple of friends and I was asked for some tiles, I've been making art for a couple of time but this is my first pixel "art".

Supposed to be a rock/dirt walkway still early wip but hell I wanted to have Crits and comments since the earliest stages.
Only six 32*32, 1:1tiles so far (ala Boktai  ::) )

Hope you'll guide through my incredible journey!


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