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Pixel Art / Re: Getting back into pixel art
« on: December 04, 2009, 01:39:03 am »
I like the fire station best.
A few minor issues:
the flag can't hang like this without folds; the truck looks a little weird without a hint of a wheel; flag and truck don't have shadows.
You might introduce some little changes in the joints between bricks, esp on the right side, even erase them in places; as well as 'dirtying' the building a bit.

Car: what WM said.

Hotel: I don't think the green works well with the purple. Same thing as above for bricks and dirt.

All pieces: I'm not too sure about the large sidewalk tiles; it might also look better to have sidewalks go around the buildings, if you don't plan to draw adjacent ones.
Transparencify the white bg!

I collect 1900's postcards. Most are B&W, but some printed in color have an amazing beauty, partly because of a pretty advanced dithering: thought I'd share a few.

Here are 2 examples showing almost 'pixelly' palette management and texture dithering: an Italian view of the famous Capri Grotta azzurra, and a German scene titled 'Glück auf den Weg'.
(to limit file size, these are cropped 600dpi close-ups with thumbnails of the whole cards, looks quite large in the preview already!)
I'll post more if pple are interested.

Any ideas about the printing technique, the name of this dithering and how it was done?

Pixel Art / Re: A small light for you guys in the darkest time of the year!
« on: December 02, 2009, 10:32:41 am »
Wow, an amazing small light! Definitely needed!

Actually 2 amazing small lights, these are really 2 great separate pieces (girl in woods + nightscape), but they just don't work together (yet?), I think.

Girl: the light spot on the ground might be centered on the lamp; mirroring the trees kills it a little. Bats hang upside down! (wait, are there any bats actually?)

Landscape: I'm not too sure about the sun, didn't even understand what it was until reading your post. From the nerdy side of things, sun and full moon mean opposite sides of the sky. Then, since the fog is white, you can't have some brighter light coming from behind, and I sure love that white fog.
How about just having the trees and hill at far right moonlit?

Pixel Art / Re: Iso tiles(wip)
« on: December 02, 2009, 10:08:49 am »
Agree with Eyecraft.

The feeling of light in your 2 versions comes from shadows, not highlights; and the blue highlights of the 2nd version don't say secondary light source at all. They just say nice blue color for it's own sake, which is something already ;)

Eyecraft's edit does say main light + blue sky as secondary source, though the highlight saturation being higher than the rocks' confuses it a bit.

However, I love the colors in both versions, can't really say which one best. I love all of it in fact.

Pixel Art / Re: heartless doll (noob first post X3)
« on: December 01, 2009, 11:18:45 pm »
An amazing image! Very reminiscent of Blade Runner.

The idea of the roofless building is not at all obvious, I wondered about rain inside + outside, read the posts carefully, and only then saw the missing glass.
The remaining glass should be dirty (that's what you did on the left?) so as to be more visible; just lightening tones behind it would do, I think.
The rain drops on the glass work quite well, instant recognition there.

Rain and sky: not a big issue in my opinion, the sky might darken a little, don't lose the subdued pastel feel in this background. I agree rain is mostly visible around light sources, you might have a little more though, kind of soft.

The main issue for me is the light on megaman. There is conflicting information:
- he looks brightly lit from a source to the right, almost horizontal;
- the shadow behind him is cast by a much higher source, that only lits him up to his legs, and doesn't touch at all the windowpane;
- the rain bouncing on him is lit from above behind.
- he's on a decrepit building top floor where one doesn't expect a lot of light.
Tough choice...

I'd suggest to make him (and mostly his face) darker, in some mysterious half-shadow, it will fit the atmosphere best, and he will be more visible against the soft bg. Keep raindrops if possible.

That orange thing just behind his head is a distraction, too.

Pixel Art / Re: Light outside corridor BG ~Outer ruins~ [WIP]
« on: December 01, 2009, 08:13:36 pm »
You probably did this before, but in case not, check some refs of cloisters:

Some have strong direct sunlight, some not (either because of weather, north-facing side, night).

What Ben2theEdge calls 'ambient light' is diffuse light, with 2 possible sources: the sky + reflected light from the ground and walls.
They can be noticeably distinct, mainly by their color as can be seen in some images.

I agree with CrazyMLC about the outlines, though it may depend on your bg.

The arches look weirdly irregular, in a not too realistic way (esp since the columns are very straight).

The keystones look like they recess into the arch (probably a by-product of your circle line): this never happens, they should either be level or project inside.
The stones and joints look much better on the columns than arches.

The paving repeats with a too short interval (at least some elements), and it looks sideways. Maybe this is intentional, but it doesn't fit with the arches.

« on: November 10, 2009, 09:09:21 pm »
This is just too good.
I'm way pissed I couldn't grab myself a tile - too much work at the beginning, then just no way to get any near the end. Grrrrr.
Huge congrats to everybody involved, mainly to Ptoing for making it be, and Zoggles for the analysis: quite useful!

Some suggestions for the (*hopes hard*) next one: 
- have a loose theme, not necessarily imposed;
- impose a more or less restricted palette on some tiles (like 8,4, 2 colors, all from the main palette);
- and selfishly, give priority to pple not having had tiles yet? Hahaha.

Btw, 1st post here, so hi everybody!  :-*

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