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Job offers / [PAID] Need 2D-Pixel Artist, "Kingdom of Dreams"
« on: June 23, 2018, 04:47:49 am »
Hello everyone, Thank you for your interest in this Project.
Excuse me if I'm not entirely clear, I'm Uruguayan and my main language is Spanish!!

*I'm looking for a talented pixel artist who would be able to create a Charismatic character sprites for an indie game in development, a conceptual demo, to then get a financing.
The game consist in a side-scrolling type, a mix of Metroidvania, Run 'N' Gun (Like Contra, Metal Slug), and a little platform.

*I will tell you the story:
-It consists in a young, when he sleeps, teleports to different places and lives adventures, tries to survive dangerous and rare enemies, monsters of all kinds; as he advances, discovers that they are not simple dreams, and he is involved in a bigger problem, in a place called, "The Kingdom of Dreams", thanks to this, the game has a varied ambience.

-He will face enemies of all sizes, with sub bosses, and bosses with different abilities, that will drop when defeated. It can acquire different skins.

-Its defense, consists of two swords, which can throw to damage enemies, to demolish objects, use them to jump, as well as to climb, and you can merge them to create a longbow.

*What I need?
-I'm currently working on the code, and using empty objects as squares to test their functions, but I need to test real sprites to see how they respond and adapt them to what I want to achieve.

-I need basic actions for the main character, walking, jumping, dodging, attacking, running, idle, damaged, about seven different sprites.
-Some basic enemies (three or four of very simple animation), and if possible three bosses (or "mini boss", are the same, for concept), with basic movements and attacks, to show a clear idea of the game.

 About Payment, at the moment, i have $500 to offer!!
*I know, maybe I ask a lot for the budget I have, I can extend it a little more maybe, but I'm an indie developer, a dreamer, and I look for the work of someone who also wants to grow. Someone with a desire to gain experience with my project, maybe too ambitious.
I really believe in the success that can be achieved with the necessary work.

*About the Artistic Style:
-2D Pixel Art, like Dead Cells, but principal, similar to the Perfect and Beautiful graphic style of Duelyst, I can not upload reference images for their respective rights, but in the end you will find the link to her official page (if it is not allowed, I delete it).

-I do not have any hurry, the designer knows when and how to work, I also have many ideas and need someone with time to talk, to make me understand. Have documented everything I have thought for the game, and small handmade designs (nothing very good, but it has many details of what I'm looking for).

From now, thats all, thank you very much, wait your proposals, and if possible, I would like to see previous works that you have in your portfolio, with similar graphic style.
Obviously, when financing is achieved, the chosen designer will receive another job offer to continue with the project, with the possibility of proposing its price.

Please contact me via PM, via mail at: or via WhatsApp (sent my number via PM).

Duelyst Oficial Page:
And a video from YouTube:

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