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Job offers / Looking for a Pixel Artist for Survival Farming game
« on: June 09, 2018, 09:22:04 am »
I'm developing a quirky little survival farming game for cross-platform PC called Undergrowth. It is very much a mashup of games like Don't Starve and Stardew Valley with a focus on building your own town on a procedural map and sustaining it and the villagers. I've built the engine from scratch to allow for an intuitive mod API and a custom graphics pipeline. Much of the backend is in place and a demo is in the works, but I will need a talented individual to join me to bring the project to the next level :) 

I'm looking for a versatile Pixel Artist who can make a small set of basic sprites + animations for the game's demo, and potentially be hired on to do work for the rest of the game. The work will include a base human sprite with separate hair and equipment, a couple of small creatures, a small selection of plants at different development stages, some seamless tilemap tiles + edge tiles, item icons, some UI components, and a few other miscellaneous things. It would be a big plus if you can create normal maps for sprites and create a few pixel art special effects (explosions, magical effects, etc). 

Current state of my programmer art: 

Payment: The limited set of sprites required for the demo will be paid in full after funding has been secured (you are paid in full for demo sprites before funding gets allocated to other areas) and all other work can be paid up-front, rev share, a combination, up to you. Depending on your availability I may be able to give you a timeframe between when you complete the job and payment. I'm also happy to work out a contingency plan to ensure you get paid irrespective of the game's funding (I don't like to owe debts).

I'm happy to give more details in the comments, otherwise you can send me a message, email me @, or DM me on twitter @Hyper_Salt. Please let me know your rate, your availability, and a link to some examples of your stuff :)

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