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Pixel Art / Re: Pixel Title
« on: March 01, 2010, 06:15:24 pm »
whoooo. easy tiger!  :)

Jad, i think was just clarifying the point (possibly in case i jumped on it :) ). with all the terminology flying around on the pixel pushing forums its very easy to confuse one reference with another.

i too would have referred to "banding" in the manner u did, however it seems to have taken on a whole different new meaning on the pixel forums these days.

step back chill out and accept the post for the simple clarification it was.  ;D

and u are right it would benefit from a bit more dithering.


Pixel Art / Re: Fem Fatal
« on: February 26, 2010, 07:56:21 pm »
another option would be to google image search "elvira" the 80's classic vamp look:


Pixel Art / Re: Fem Fatal
« on: February 26, 2010, 07:34:45 am »
in all honesty Sfried, i am not convinced by the pose.

if there's a reason for that pose then apologies, but to me "femme fatale" is a seductress or vamp. with a corresponding secductive  and confident pose.

think "Jessica Rabbit" like these:


Pixel Art / Re: Nurse Logo WIP
« on: February 25, 2010, 07:52:19 am »
generally speaking i would not use red and green in a logo. the colours tend to "clash" with the eye when in print.

there used to be an ols axiom taught in artschool that "red and green must not be seen"

tho this is not a hard and fast rule, the use of red and green in advertising is usually limited to "christmas" ads (because of the holly and berries etc)

your use of blue and orange would work, tho i would go for purer hues.

also u could use deep blue and golden yellow for the people


Pixel Art / Re: Pixel Title
« on: February 24, 2010, 08:36:12 pm »

extrapolating from the image Elk did u could also maybe combine the letter forms in a "twisted vine" manner something like this:

i have done this with a vector package for speed. tho personally i would always do such things in vector as silhouettes the "fill in the blanks" with pixels.

u could add as many leaves au u like to the "vines" i have just added one here to balance the top left area better.


edit this may work better

I don't see in what way I've offended you but I'll apologize anyway if that helps things.

really? so u cant see that last post of your was at all provocactive, personal and condescendingl?

apology accepted.


Am i really not responding to posts Helm?

'm guessing you've been a graphic designer for a couple of years...(just a guess, though I'm probably way off base here.)

My reply:

actually u are way off base.  ;D

try googling STE'86 too?

(actually i didnt want to sound condescending by saying not a "couple" but actually 25 years)

Also, who says art is all business, and no play? Is this how you see things when dealing with art? I hope not. It's always been fun for me

My Reply:

and am i not the one in almost every post i have made saying "do not take this tooseriously" and "it should be FUN"

now the last bit about kneejerk reactions and reading could, could quite accurately be leveled at u too couldnt it Helm?

would u like to apologise for having a pop at me for no reason now?


actually u are way off base. : ;D

try googling STE'86 too?

and am i not the one in almost every post i have made saying "do not take this tooseriously" and "it should be FUN"

have u actually read my posts? or was this just a kneejerk reaction to me critising your "crit methods"?


Pixel Art / Re: Nurse Logo WIP
« on: February 22, 2010, 09:56:28 pm »
yeah i like 14

if u arent happy with the way the legs and snake tail meet, one small edit you could try is to very slightly extend the snake tail and curve it off to the right away from the dark starmans leg. just add a small flick curve to the right on the end of it. nothing huge.

just a thought.


EDIT: like u had it in your first 2 example posts :)

Pixel Art / Re: ZX Spectrum Double Dragon remake WIP
« on: February 22, 2010, 09:47:36 pm »
yeah thats suitably "double dragonesque" if memory serves me.

works better now with the alternating light/dark areas on the sprite. adds more definition against the background i'm sure.

are u underlaying attributes on this? or are u doing just mono to preserve your sprite's colour?

the shading on the darker side of the shaped car bonnet (hood) could probably stand being sharp black rather than dither. keep the dither on the lighter side and try going black on the opposite. it is shiny metal afterall.


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