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Pixel Art / Hmm, gelatin!
« on: September 10, 2007, 09:16:25 pm »

Did it in a boredom moment, I loved the fake transparency effect.

Pixel Art / Katana
« on: September 02, 2007, 11:17:10 pm »

A katana. I don't have too much to say about this, just that I'm quite proud of the result.

Pixel Art / Some pixels
« on: July 01, 2007, 03:49:03 am »
My work didn't get better, but I did only few pixels since my last post. Maybe it's because I'm getting addicted to Neopets.  :lol:

Cherrim, I posted this one in DeviantArt a while ago.

Animated, which is pretty rare in my pixel arts,

My first isometric pixel, I didn't chade itt too much, it would kill the simplicity idea.

My most recent one, I think it's cute. :3

Well, critiques are welcome, but I don't know if this will help me.

Pixel Art / Pseudo-impressionism with Paint.
« on: July 16, 2006, 07:58:01 pm »
Does Paint spray be useful? I don't know, but I tried to use it to do some pseudo-impressionism.

18 colors, I think the water reflex effect gone right.

Sport stamp for Gas 13's site. If he doesn't accept this stamp, no problem, anyways, I'm still testing the style.

I won't abandon the normal pixel art, these are just some tries, searching for a new style.

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