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General Discussion / Re: Query for the mods
« on: October 11, 2005, 04:41:49 pm »
" Contests

This section refers to contests provided either by the staff of Pixelopolis, or by third parties. Only by adhering to these guidelines may you provide or participate in a contest or competition.

   1. Anyone may propose a contest. To do so, contact any Officer to be connected to the proper channels."

Sorry but I do not feel a public post is exactly "contacting an officer."
If anything is a catalyst for trouble its that there is a history that could possibly be
brought up from making this contest public before it was approved and/or discussed.
As I said I don't know the history, but the fact that one was mentioned shows there could be/could have been
turmoil over it being brought up publically. It also puts you officers in a very sticky situation when someone posts something like this
publically. If you decline a contest that many people are interested in due to past problems, you may have more to deal with than
just a few angry PM's.

I have no problems with Adam or you for that matter Dogmeat, I am just concerned about this.

General Discussion / Re: Goblins Of The Game Industry
« on: October 11, 2005, 04:29:10 pm »
Thank you Sto, you've beautifully covered the other side of the issue.

To add to your "We're in the business to make money " point; while many game companies start off only caring about the games, in order to stay in business and make better games they need more money. Then suddenly some of them make a
ton of money off of one project and it gets addictive. They want to  make more money and become bigger and bigger.
Unless the company started off with tons of capital, the company probably had "good" intentions to begin with.
Just please keep in mind,"Corporate America" (or wherever you live) started off with people like you and I who are just doing
what they love to do. Things just never end up like you want them too, eventually if you want to stay in business you pretty much HAVE to start caring about money. If you don't you'll probably be swallowed up by someone that does.

One thing that really gets me is games that are made from movies and/or TV shows, they are usually not top quality games
and it seems to me that this is because people are going to buy it anyway because of the name on it. But as sto says, thats the way the business work. People jump on the chance to work on a game made after a movie or show without realizing what type of projects these are. Just once I'd like to see a game that was given even more time than the movie or show to get it right.

General Discussion / Re: Query for the mods
« on: October 11, 2005, 11:39:32 am »

 Considering the fiasco that the last contest I hosted on Pixelation was, however, I'd like to get the current mods' thoughts on this before I post anything. This is not my forum, and I'd be happy to defer to the wishes of the mods on how we can set a contest up,
So, thoughts?

- Adam

I don't want to be rude or anything but if you wanted to talk to the mods about it first before making it public, it may have been wise to pm one of them and keep it there until the details are hammered out. ^^; I'm not sure what happened last time but maybe a private discussion about this would be better.

Your contest does sound interesting though :D

General Discussion / Re: Adventure Game Studio
« on: October 11, 2005, 05:03:51 am »
Neat, I have the most incredibly soft spot for adventure games, and I'll definitely be checking this out when I get some time.

Are you familiar with the Kings quest series? If you are there was this huge fan project being made
for King's quest 9 but it was shut down of course just in time for Sierra to release their KQ compilation.
It was amazing how far they got and how nice it looked. It appears as though the screenshots were taken down yesterday
though :( they were fine yesterday morning.Sierra had every right to shut them down but its still sad considering how much work was put into it :



Ok I've been playing around with this thing for a bit now and wow...there's just so much stuff you can do.
You can have an 8 bit, 16 bit or 32 bit palette so that answers my questions/concerns.
I haven't figured out the dialogue scripting yet but everythings pretty straightforward otherwise.

onoes another edit:

I found a game that says it was made by "helm" could this be helm from pixelation? <-------------

General Discussion / Adventure Game Studio
« on: October 10, 2005, 02:16:39 pm »
 I was feeling nostalgic today and started looking up some point and click adventure games.
I started playing them at a very young age and I missed spending hours figuring them out.
Well I stumbled upon something called "Adventure Game Studio"
and at first I thought "Ok this is just basically a playerworlds thing for point and click games."
Boy, was I wrong. I downloaded some games made with that engine and they were actually
not bad. Some of them were really funny.

I was suprised that I had never heard of this thing before or any of the games that
had been made with it being the point and click junkie that I am. I'm curious to find out  if anyone
here has made any games with it, or has attempted to use this engine to make games with. I'd also like
to share the knowledge of its existence and some of the wonderful games that have been made with it.

Here's the website:

Here are some games I recommend playing that are made using it:

Cirque de zale

I can't find the link for it but "5 days a stranger" was good although short.
(Edit: Its 5 days a stranger...I made a mistake and put "Days")

I'm not sure on the limitations of this engine (colors, if there's a restricted palette etc)
but when I have time I'll probably check it out. It might be cool to see some people from pixelopolis
making games with this :D I may even attempt to myself if there isn't too much hands on programming involved.

Pixel Art / Re: Doom Mod death animation
« on: October 08, 2005, 04:27:58 am »
Nah, I understand what you were saying Camus, I just think that it could be misinterpreted especially by someone
so new to art. But yes lets get out of Xanthiers thread with our trash before he beats us with a pointy stick x_x

Pixel Art / Re: FF's first flesh/hair attempt
« on: October 08, 2005, 04:24:47 am »
It looks much better now. I really think a bit more contrast on the flesh would help.
You have a good bit on the hair but the skin does not reflect that. You also should try adding
some shading to define his jaw a little more, currently it "fades" into his neck a little too much.
His ear is also getting somewhat "lost"

Pixel Art / Re: Doom Mod death animation
« on: October 08, 2005, 01:11:26 am »
but in the end the comment itself could be done by anyone

So could "Add more AA" and "use selective outlining"

I completly agree, your point? I think they are all about as useless. You ask anyone I chat to and they'd confirm you I do not apreciate any of those comments. All of them, if not suggested for a very specific reason, are a total waste of time, because they suggest you spend extra time adding extra polish into a sprite "just because", and as we all know every pixelpiece could always be more polished, therefore  me all these are about like saying hey "make a better piece" only masked a little bit to fit the situation.

Everyone gives those types of comments at some point or another, and a lot of times they ARE called for. My point is you shouldn't be telling people not to make those comments at all. Just tell them to get more specific or give more than just that. It gives the wrong impression of what a critique is. I don't want to take up a bunch of Xanthiers thread here but now you're pointing out that my suggestion didn't work? He did something similar to what I said, but not quite (if you look he added more frames BEFORE my suggestion was posted.) I also think its funny how you basically in your last post said the exact thing I said to xanthier, yet my suggestion "obviously" doesn't work.

You shouldn't come into other peoples artwork threads who are looking for C+C  and tell other people what not to post in them.
You don't know if Xanthier likes those comments or not, let him speak for himself.
I personally like some of those comments as long as they are specific.

Pixel Art / Re: Skull + Swordfish Sprite need work.
« on: October 07, 2005, 01:18:05 pm »
Yeah, listen to Camus and follow your own intuition rather than listen to others.

-mind explodes while thinking about that statement-

Listen to camus and follow your own intuition rather than listen to others..
listen to...camus.....follow your own intuition.....ahhhhhhh!!! :o

But yes, people here often have a habit of falling into the "style critique" trap.
They want to become better so much that they latch on to anyones comments that
is remotely good. Sometimes they're helpful comments that help the person develop their
own style..and sometimes they're "personal taste" critiques. I try not to comment on peoples palettes unless the shade colors
don't go really well with the base color because I know my palette is usually low sat, I prefer it most of the time  but many people
do not.

It takes most people awhile, but they'll usually want to break into their own style eventually.
It gets frustrating doing a particular style all the time, especially if its not your "own." When I show people my
portfolio they tend to end up wanting the exact same style that every client before them wanted. x_x
Can't argue with the demand though.

Well fatal, you've come a long way in a short time. I know you were struggling and I wish I had time back then
to help you more but you know how my schedule is. I look forward to your next piece.

Pixel Art / Re: Doom Mod death animation
« on: October 07, 2005, 01:05:37 pm »
but in the end the comment itself could be done by anyone

So could "Add more AA" and "use selective outlining"

The original post asks for ways to make it not jerky, more frames would accomplish this if properly done.
I don't believe it is fair for you to say that  saying adding more frames is as "useless" as saying "make it bigger."
I find that somewhat degrading. I often make pieces with lots of frames and then slowly cut them down, its a very good learning process. (Yes I realize its a doom mod and they have a restricted frame count but its still no excuse to say things like that.)

Sorry to "sorta" pick on you as well but I really don't think think your comment was fair.
-puts her meany face away-  :P

To get back on track here, Xanthier you may want to try what I mentioned.
Make it with a bunch of frames and then figure out which ones can be cut without
getting overly choppy. You need to distract the eye from any jumpy movements by having
other things to look at. You probably don't want to be  overly obvious about it though.
 The only part that seems really awkward to me is when his eye falls out ( I believe thats whats happening anyway
.) You don't have enough frames to make it move like organs would  move when they fall out completely,
so why not just make it "hang" out instead of trying to turn it on its side like that. Also
since you're endlessly looping the death sequence you may want to have it stay at the "death" frame for
a few extra seconds just so we can see how it looks. You may be suprised how much better it looks when you're
not constantly looping really fast.

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