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Our name is CryptorCards and we are a group of indie developers working on an innovative new game based on blockchain technology. We believe our idea is revolutionary and has the potential to become a highly advertised commercial success.
We are currently looking for 1-2 graphic designers to join our team for possible long term work. The designer must have experience with pixel-art style graphics and must be willing to work a fast-paced flexible schedule. The job role mainly consists of designing pixel-themed cards and media for our game and website currently in development.

Due to budget and time constraints, we are unable to pay top dollar for the work we are asking. However, by accepting our graphic designer role, you will be included on our website and listed as a member of our team. We are spending tens of thousands on advertising and this project is capable of reaching a market of possibly millions of users. By accepting a position with CryptorCards in its development stages, you are will receive free exposure to a large online audience and a possible long term contract with the company.

Please contact us at for additional information. Please include a link to your portfolio.
Kind regards,

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