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Pixel Art / Site Header
« on: December 18, 2008, 06:27:37 pm »

Hello, I am the co-creator of, a soon to be active gaming website.

This is the header for the website, and I would really appreciate any and all helpful C+C, as this is going to be a real investment for me.

I will also be posting other stuff shortly, right now, I am just mocking up the web page to start off with.

An important note: I already know about this websites zoom feature (I am a artist who frequented here a few years ago) and the zoomed images purpose is that the header is actually going to appear at that size on the website (as well as the rest of the site being that way.) I want the whole website to kinda scream pixel art... but scream softly lol.

Pixel Joy Logo and Pixel Joy Panda are Austin Way 2008

EDIT: Yeah, sorry about that... I blame imageshack for not giving me a "true" direct link to the image.

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