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Pixel Art / Re: Grass guy ?
« on: December 06, 2008, 06:26:24 am »
Well, unless there's a secondary light source, I think he'd be a whole lot darker than that, considering the sun is DIRECTLY behind him.. Just like the mountains.

Also, the grass should be darker, from our view, as well, because we're not seeing the lit up side.

Anyways, those will be problems unless you want a completely dark piece. It's good as it is, but those points you may want to consider if you want to be fully realistic.

General Discussion / Re: Of Value, Saturation, Hue, Contrast and gray;
« on: December 03, 2008, 08:47:02 pm »
Only the first 4 colors look like black to me, after that I can clearly make out it's gray.

Pixel Art / Re: [WIP] RPG Tiles
« on: December 03, 2008, 08:13:35 pm »
Haha, actually there are only 4 colors, but I guess I should cut them down to 3? I really like the 'shine' effect on the blades though, but perhaps I can retain that if I take out the extra highlight. I've also been working on a stone path tile, but it looks like crap. I'll try revising it a bit more before I post it here.

I am/was focusing more on fixing these parts:

Which will show, even if I do create more tiles, as the problem doesn't lie on the direct edges of the tile.

The only grass tile tutorial I've seen was St0ven's, which didn't really help me at all, so I just went about trying to create my own from scratch.

And yeah, I will have to create an entire set, but it should be a nice learning experience for me.  :)

Btw, I noticed that I lost some quality saving as a .BMP, perhaps that's why you noticed extra colors? I fixed it in this post, I will save as .PNG from now on.

Pixel Art / Re: Grass guy ?
« on: December 03, 2008, 08:05:49 pm »
I think the grass is too high and detracts from the attention of the man standing in it.

Pixel Art / [WIP] RPG Tiles [Tiles in progress: Tree]
« on: December 03, 2008, 04:40:19 am »
Hey everyone!  ;D

I'd just like to start off by saying I'm new here, this is my first post, although I've been lurking for the last few days and studying/researching a lot.
I've recently became involved in a project which has no sprite artist, so I volunteered myself to attempt at it, since nobody on the rest of the team would/is able to. I as well am eager to improve my skill and get better at pixel art.

And the reason I made that statement above was because I have little to no artistic ability, at least compared to just about everyone else here.

I'd also like to say, I simply love this forum and it's members, and the helpfulness of everyone here, you guys even critique what seems like the best-of-the-best pieces, and I love that.

This is one of my first, although not exactly my first time working with pixels. I, before, have created a few items for another 2D RPG, whos name I won't mention, because I don't believe I'm allowed.. Anyways, if I am, or not, I'll just save us all the trouble. (But if you really would like to know about my current project or the one I've worked on before.. send me a PM!)

This is my first time working with tiles, or any kind of landscape art.

Anyways, to the point, I'm going to be creating a majority of the tiles, if not all of them. However I won't be doing sprites.. Thank goodness.

They will be in a 3/4 view.. Or top-down view, I don't know which term is correct to describe the view, but it's the same as most 2D grid-based RPG's such as Pokemon, or Seiken Densetsu 3.

I came here to receive some help and advice on how to proceed in creating tiles, as well as utilizing the advice I get to better my skills.
I didn't want to dive in without any knowledge, only to have to protract all of my work later.  :-X

Here is a simple grass tile I came up with, as the first tile, and marking the beginning of the creation of the tileset. Also, the same tile, tessellated 3x in a 48x48 square, the size of the tile, as well as future tiles, is 16x16.


I don't think it's TOO bad, but it can certainly use improvement, right? And the color palette isn't something I'm worrying too much about right now either, I can always change it in the future.

I have been working on it rigorously, creating many different versions of it, however, my main problem is breaking the grid, without having strands of grass too cluttered, I realize I can fix this problem by creating multiple tiles, however I simply want to perfect this one tile as of now.. It can't be impossible, can it?

Here is the most recent fix I have attempted.. But as you can tell it's not much better than the original, if at all, and demonstrates the problems I stated above.


Other things I'd like to note.. I am foreseeing that our game will be more realistic rather than vibrant and cartoony, which is why I'm trying to use darker, more 'earthy' colors, as someone pointed out somewhere else on this forum.

Seiken Densetsu 3 is a big inspiration, by the way..

And I can already see that my weaknesses will be rocky surfaces, such as cliffs, and water. The amount of detail that will most likely need to go into those tiles are something that I believe myself incapable of doing. Perhaps I just lack a very vivid imagination.

I'm trying to stay away from that solid-color coloring stuff, like, for example, done in The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past. And I'm trying to include more detail. It's a longer and harder practice for an inexperienced newbie like myself, however I think it will pay off in the long run.

Again, I really would like some C&C although I don't have much to show at this point. I am all for self-betterment as well, although it may not be so apparent, I try hard, but.. I really struggle. Most of the time I have no idea how to even start a piece and most tutorials don't usually seem to help much, although a few have.

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